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So, who was on the twisties today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jirf88, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. I sure as hell was. Excellent day for it.

    Shot up to Terrigal with some mates via the old pac. Was great fun, even though it was me on the ZZR and them in their assorted imported Jap cages.

    Who else was lucky enough to get out there today?

    For the mods... Didn't think this would sit in the touring diaries section... but relocate at your own discretion.
  2. picked bike up at 12... but the old man wanted to ride it :(
  3. i dunno about being on the twisties. But im currently munchin on the salt n vinagars and washing them down with a few beers :LOL:
  4. touche :p

    i had an awesome day out to walhalla and around gippy :grin:
  5. I was. Home to Jamberoo, Bomadery, Cambewarra, Kangaroo Valley, Barrengary, Pie Shop and home. :grin:
  6. Just Macquarie Pass :).
  7. gotta love this weather. sitting on the balcony, salt and V's with beers cricket on 1 channel footall on the other ahhhh good times ahead :LOL:
  8. Only 'twisting' that's going on here is my f****** brain ! Info overload..super crash-course... making me work harder than desired. Exam#1 on Tuesday...
    Hope everyone did some proper 'twistie-ing' today... and kinks mate, I trust you had those beers for me ;)
  9. Twisties up through St. Andrews up to Kinglake, pitstop in at Broadford track, to check out the action, then some great roads over to Woodend, Bacchus Marsh, Werribee and back to the city.
    Unreal day, thanks boys!!!!
    Now Bourbon and legs up and the pies getting done (so far... Finals should be live!!!!!)

    What a day!!!
  10. Shuddup the lot of you =;

    Next you'll be talking about trackdays [-X
  11. That'll be next weeks topic after PI next monday!!!
  12. Am I sensing that perhaps Chef wanted to get out today, but was obligated to do something else?
  13. Pies supporter here.. so far, not too sure what to make of it. Great start by the Crows..let's see what the 3rd/4th quarters produce.. CARN THE PIES !!!
    At least I can watch a game of footy here in Hong Kong !
  14. Hehe..

    "Go the Collingwood football team, go!"
  15. And your probably watching it live too??!!!!
  16. As 'live' as it gets from my apartment in Hong Kong, some 9000km away.. Happy that I can at least watch this important game... and with 14min to go in the 3rd qtr, the mighty Pies are on a comeback !
    If I wasn't in study mode I'd be throwing back some beers right now, I tell ya..
    And ANOTHER goal !!! Woohooo.. "The Collingwood army is now in full voice"..love it !
  17. Good on ya Champ. Enjoy the taste of back home and read about the days fun on the twisties!!
  18. out of beers dude. Plenty of Canadian clubs to throw ur way though :beer:
  19. Hmm Hong Kong yeah? sounds great! Picked up any nice honký ladies? hee.
    Il be in Japan next week mate, if ur out and about in Tokyo by any chance just Pm me. Im there for 5 weeks to hang with the future inlaws :LOL:
  20. Throw 'em down mate ! I'm jumping all over the place here ! What a comeback from the Mighty Pies !!! Hope the lads manage to keep this awesome momentum going !
    LOVE watching the Crows fumbling and crumbling under pressure. Not sure all this excitement is good for me...hahaha.