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So, who was it??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. So, who was the very well known Netrider who ran out of petrol 2/3ds the way up Macquarie Pass today?

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  2. Sigh, given up by my own brother (who, it must be said, did bring me out some petrol after I had turned around and coasted to the bottom)
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  3. WINNER!
    Didn't know Rc36 was your bro, but your the only guy I know who lives in the area and travels to the highlands.
  4. Stabbed in the back by your bro.....bit like Julias Ceaser. Is there no loyalty anymore?
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  5. He's actually my identical twin brother, and for no particular reason we both ride 1995 model VFRs........
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  6. Do you dress the same?
  7. Not these days but growing up, yes, mum and dad had difficulty telling us apart....
  8. Different coloured dresses Paul, Hahahaha, Then its easy,
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  9. Imagine the shenanigans! ;)
  10. Oh yeah. They put us in one class when we went to school in Adelaide but the teacher couldn't handle the both of us do they split us up. We thought that was pretty boring so we swapped classes for a week. They never trwigged!!!
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  11. Oh, the stories we could tell.... :)
  12. That raises the question of how many siblings roam the wilderness of NR.

    Barters81Barters81 is my younger brother. I have no doubt that if he ran out of petrol I would be exploding to tell someone before I even finished the ride.
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  13. It's a good question; anyone else prepared to own up?
  14. Surely that was their fault, not yours? Parents who dress their twins in matching outfits have no excuse for getting confused.
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  15. What a hoot today in the mail. After being told for all my life that Phil is half an hour older than me, my birth certificate, of which I've never the full version before, says, in fact that I am "the elder of twins" ........
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  16. I'm sure deep down he's always known that.
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