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So who rode today?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by N*A*M, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. #1 N*A*M, Jun 4, 2006
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  2. Just walked in the door actually. :grin: No wheelies but had some fun.

    St.Andrews-Kinglake, Chum Creek Rd, Black Spur, home via Chrissy hills. :grin:
  3. I was out on family duties from early morning - played basketball & badminton, then lunch out. So I just managed to squeeze an hour of fun around my backyard (Mountain highway, Sassafras, Olinda, Kalorama, Mt.Dandenong Tourist Rd.) before that glorious sunshine disappeared. Just enough to warm up my chains for its due lube service and gee it felt good giving a bit of TLC to your bike after a nice run up and down the hills. :grin:
  4. Was rippin the spur today :biker:
  5. Yep sure did sunbury, woodend. dalesford. ballan .blackwood .kynton.sunbury for a nice warm spa and back to greensbourough. Thanks to lucky, andrew ,and kazz mmmm warm spa :grin: :grin:
  6. Did a late lunch to Marysville. Saw a few out and about, but no sparks, so managed to miss Pnut.
  7. Went out with a mate down wellington road i think it was, then up around puffing billy or something, then other places i dont know where. Road riding doesnt do it much for me anymore, im turning into a bloody commuter. I wana get out onto the track where its safer
  8. Wollongong to Windsor, then Netrode to Bulga, via the Putty, then across to Wollombi for lunch, back down into Sydney and escorted Mabo back to Port Kembla. Sparkling weather, great company and a fully-scrubbed new rear tyre! 549kms of what motocycling is all about.....
  9. The Shalako-Lin Report...
    Had Lin at a deserted beachside car practicing her riding on the ZZR 250.
    After 20 mins a small crowd of men, women, and children had gathered to watch, it being a slow day around Sylvania Waters I guess. LOL.
    The onlookers affected her manoueveres.
    So then took Lin to an industrial car park, riding around cut-in-half tennis balls.
    Used a tape measure to make them the same distance as the cones in her up-coming P plate test.
    Also did the emergency stops at 25kph.
    She's doing good, started off aiming at each tennis ball and after a while understood she's supposed to be letting them live.
    She'd be a natrual running over cane toads on FNQ roads.
    End of an hour and she was missing every cone and frightening one other by coming to a stop a few inches short of it.
    We won't mention the bit where I waved at her to come over to me and she almost did not stop in time.
    Lucky I'm agile.
    I then knew how the tennis balls felt.
    So a good afternoon of practice. Cool and windy in southern Sydney, rain threatening most of the time.
    Carry on: Jaq and Lin.
  10. N*A*M I love the high tech ocky-strap repair job there :p
  11. I rode the information super highway a fair bit today! Even with my bad arm ;)
  12. Hope that's your old bike! :shock:

    I rode the pushy this morning :oops:

    No motorbike atm unfortunately :cry:

    But tommorrow.................................. :grin:
  13. Also did the late lunch thing 2 Marysville.
    Didn't miss Pnut, but did miss cejay.
  14. HEY WAZZA: there was a young lady at Wollombi Pub today with a mustard yellow Daytona 675. She could barely touch the ground, but the bike got lots of attention....
  15. Jeez, you naffed that good.

    I went to Kmart to buy some modelling brushes. 1 near miss only 300 metres from home (isn't that always the way?!). Turning into my home street I encountered an Astra driver who decided to pass a parked car on his side of the road by swerving toward me.
  16. Were you out with a someone on a Blade? I saw a TT coming through Healesville mid PM
  17. Yep 1 blade, 1 gixxer & me on a TT.

  18. And a PNUT right up his clacker :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Sorry Russ couldnt let it pass :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Funny, didn't see any sparks coming through Healesville!
  20. there was diesel on some corners so i didn't wanna start any bush fires :LOL: :LOL: