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So who rides, and who hides over the holidays

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by waedwe, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Went for a ride today, yes it's christmas eve, but it was a lovely sunny saturday after lots of miserable weather lately.

    But the lack of motorbikes out and about, or virtually any traffic in some of the top riding roads left me pondering,
    Who rides during this period of the year, or who garages the bike away till after double demerits and when the policing is lower?

    And is this if people are garaging the bike just a NSW response to double demerits or a nationwide avoidance of riding this time of year,
    On my loop today i passed the robertson pie shop, jamberoo pub and kangaroo valley pub/ pie shops, usually jam packed with bikes any weekend, but virtually empty today of all forms of traffic.
    Had a good side to it though, virtually empty great twisties hehehhehehehe :beer::beer::beer:
  2. We'll be out riding every day for the next week or so, even tomorrow :), hubby just got a new bike so he's got a years worth of riding to catch up on. I noticed there wern't many riders out today either, on a road thats normally full of bikes.
  3. If the P didn't feel like such a magnet i would be, today was perfect. :c
  4. I'll be out tomorrow too, a christmas day ride after lunch is usually epic, no traffic everyones at home, just gotta get it done before all the drunks leave there xmas parties and hit the roads
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    I rode the Macquarie Pass today...
  6. Yeah, my mates won't ride at all during increased penalties. So, I'll just have to go to the Snowies by myself. I'll be around Khancoban, Dartmouth and possibly as far as Bright or Omeo Boxing day and beyond until I run out of petrol money. Woooooooooohooooooooooooo.
  7. I went past the pie shop, i think 1.30ish or just before 2 and there was not a bike to be seen, only saw 1 bike coming up as i went down then i looped round through jamberoo into nowra and back through kangaroo valley and there was virtually no bike traffic at all
  8. probably more to do with Christmas lunches, family gatherings and recovery from work break up drinks/party's etc.

    It's usually a pretty hard slog for most people at work from about August to Xmas.
  9. I rode from the inner west over to Chatswood and almost got cleaned up about a dozen times by complete nincompoops and incompetants wandering all over their lane, changing without looking, using mobile phones while driving etc etc. It was like it was "Drive like a Complete F**kwit" Day. Normally I avoid Saturday as the traffic is pretty horrendous and full of soccer-mums in four wheel drives with kids hopping around distracting her while she's on her mobile phone. Today however was full of people doing last-minute Christmas shopping and wondering what to get Auntie Phyllis for a present while talking on the mobile about how many salads to bring to Christmas lunch. We were actually heading up the Old Road but turned back - it was too much!

    But in answer to the original question, we usually stay low between Christmas and New Year then head off for our own little Snowy ride once the double demerit period is over.
  10. I was busy at the motocross track today, I've got some epic trailriding planned for next week (starting 6am boxing day!) so I needed to re-hone the skills.
  11. not a teenager anymore and my body cant get rid of all the toxins as quickly :(....................ill ride depending on how hammered i get.
  12. I won't ride during double demerits. Hell, I try not to even drive my car.
  13. I was out, weather was beautiful!
  14. I'll be out, one eye on the speedo and one eye looking for the constabulary. How i'll see where I'm riding i have no idea ](*,)
  15. I was out today whittlesea - kinglake - kilmore , for Xmas eve and day, started on the carlsberg elephants around 3.30 after getting hailed on coming through from heathcote junction ( p.s ice hurts !). I wont be riding till late Monday (boxing day). Got to keep my body full of Xmas spirt... I mean spirits... Oh stuff it : booze : lol....
  16. I haven't ridden at all for just on a month now. ****ing worst, watching all you hoons hoon past my car. It's been equal parts wet weather (apparently a soaking suit reflects poorly), double demerits and the increase in idiots on the road at this time of the year for me.

    Hasn't been so bad driving to work (4km commute) but I just drove down the M4 to a friend's house and got stuck behind some clown doing like 80 and I couldn't overtake because I didn't think I could do it within the limit without people raging at me :(.
  17. weather permitting the Oxley is gunna be my biatch Xmas day......w00t!
  18. Tis the season, enjoy
  19. I ride over the holidays, lots in fact.

    But I do NOT ride on the last work day before Christmas. It's the worst day of the year in my opinion for cagers at their worst.

    Worse then grand finals. Worse then Bathurst.
  20. Not riding yet, but come boxing day i'll start 12 days of full day riding.