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So who is up for a Russian Sports Bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FALCON-LORD, May 3, 2010.

  1. http://www.gizmag.com/concept-motorcycle-igor-chak/14946/

  2. Why can't people see the difference between gadgets and technology?

    Air bag and crumpling forks? Have these people ever ridden a bike, let alone been in a bike accident? I can just see it now, sliding down the road on my arse, watching the bike go in the opposite direction, the air bag going off, then the forks crumpling and writing the bike off.

    This is why Designers are part of the Arts department, not the Engineering department at UNI. Wankers.
  3. id rather die once than have to pay for all that air bag and crumple stuff every little drop
  4. I thought Vodka was the Russian air-bag :?
  5. i thought it was used as a sedative for after the crash
  6. Its also used when designing motorcycles. Apparently :p.

    EDIT: On a more serious note, though, I'd be interested to see how this turns out. It sounds like someone went, "Hey, lets see how much fanciness we can squeeze on two wheels", and I'm a curious person too.

    Of all the people out there, Russians have got to be amongst the most likely to somehow make this sort of thing work.
  7. Yes but it will weight 450kg and have a top speed of exactly 80km/hr
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    All I know I learned from movies: [media=youtube]OIh78GiTqrE[/media]
  9. Is it only done in cad? Doesn't count then.

    I don't think airbags are that bad an idea. There's some good crash test videos of the Goldwing's being tested, and it seems to work well.
  10. didn't they make the change to usd to reduce the unsprung weight, the front end on that thing doesn't look light :-s

    Also the distance between the seat and the handle bars looks like quite a stretch as well. Ground clearance, well looks like they could fix that. It's certainly a interesting concept....but they have a lot of issues they need to address
  11. Nope - Hungarian.
  12. In Soviet Russia bike rides you.
  13. =D>=D>=D>

  14. so it will be a lams bike only then :)
  15. In Soviet Russia bike crashes you

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  16. Night vision camera? Dual airbags? Sacrificial folding forks?

    Sounds like ideas from someone who's never ridden a bike.
  17. I don't get what is wrong with the night vision, airbags or the folding forks.

    Ok the airbag and the folding forks will only help you in a head on but isn't that something. Here is an example where the Goldwing airbag helped


    Considering a life insurance is usually worth many millions isn't it better to spend some money on prevention.

    Motorcyclists really are conservative ones.
  18. till you drop it doing a uturn or some knob knocks it off the stand.... then you are up for another $1000 just to replace the airbag.

    if i had to get new forkies and get new airbags for every prang ive had... well i would be broke faster than a russian motorbike manufacturer in prewar europe
  19. How do you know that the airbag goes off from a sidestand drop? From what I have read the airbag on the goldwing works from detecting a front on collision with the forks with a detector near the calipers.

    The forks are the same. A sideways drop may not damage them (I don't think either us have evidence either way). My life is worth more that $1000 on some new forks anyway. Lets face it fairings cost more than $1K a side to fix often and they are mostly for decoration for most people.