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So who is having a 4 day w/end ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Im only asking, as this morning even though it was quiet fresh :twisted:
    my normal run from Berwick to Fitzroy takes me 50mins to an Hr !

    Today............... 35mins with no i repeat NO lanespliting at all
    in fact i dont think what i was doing would even count as filtering :LOL:
    110 all the way on the monash ( except the 80 zones )

    I was even enjoying the cold foggy conditions down the Monash (freeway)
    def was no carpark today !!!

    :LOL: :twisted:
  2. For the last few weeks, I have had a 7 day weekend every week, apart from getting the kids lunches etc. ;)
    Yesterday I got the call I have been waiting for and have been acepted into Melbourne Specialised Support Agency, so now I am officially on the books and can start work as from Monday. Yay, I'm employed again :woot:
  3. Sure as sh*t aint me,I should be in fegn IOM :evil:,but least its a long weekend and TGIF
  4. congratulations debs!! :grin:

    im working today, but on holidays as of next weekend :)
  5. Congratulations, Deb! :grin:

    I'm working today, buggrit!
  6. Steak and Bourban tonight then Deb,at the local of coarse.
  7. Congrats Deb, and bob, I just had a forced 4.5 day weekend with the flu, three days will be enough for me. !!!!
  8. I have a 3 week weekend starting monday :grin:
  9. Well I guess a friend on IRC experienced similar: i.e

    08:29AM <K-ninja> oh yay...im bored already and its only 8:30
    <wazza> laugh
    <wazza> when did uou get in ?
    08:59AM <K-ninja> 7:50 :/
    09:00AM <K-ninja> despite being dark and foggy, the traffic on the way in was light
    <wazza> ah I guess people taking today off
    <wazza> so they get a 4 day weekend
    09:03AM <K-ninja> yeah probably