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so who is everyone backing in the melbourne cup today?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stanga169, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. im thinking americane, harris tweed ,so u think

  2. I'm backing the wallet in my back pocket, safest bet, don't bet and u will never lose :)
  3. no one, don't care, and probably won't hear anything as well.

    don't get me wrong, I love what the cup does for me, a day off!
    wonder how many countries have a public holiday for a city of over 4 mil for a horse race?
  4. my dad used to say, "there is but one Cup, but many mugs"
  5. We have a sweep at work... I'll get what I pick out of the hat!!... one from last year is still running!!... :shock:
  6. if i wanted to watch hamburger meat race around an eliptical circle being ridden by toothpicks...i'd go to the kitchen in Macdonald's and watch the kids play hockey with my frozen Big Mac paddies.

    this is something they should bring in nationally. why the hell are they discussing making Halloween a public holiday when it's an american thing. either make melbourne cup day a national PH or make them both PH's. 4 day weekend in oct / nov sounds good to me!

    /end rant
  7. WTF? I seem to have missed this news - who on earth is talking about making Halloween a public holiday? I agree they should make Melb Cup day a national public holiday before they go with Halloween as a holiday.

    BTW, Halloween (or All Hallows Eve) is a pagan thing and predates the seppos, although they have certainly successfully commercialised it.
  8. Bloody expensive hamburger meat matey... Also, top jockeys are excellent athletes and some of the female jockeys are hot in a petite kinda way...

    Anyroad, I don't normally have a bet on the M/C, it's a lottery most years. There are better opportunities to make a quid elsewhere.

    As much as I'd like to see Bart get yet another hood ornament I dunno that So You Think can pull it off. Americain would be my pick (currently ~$12)
  9. americane, harris tweed, decarado
  10. ..I got "Red Ruler"... is it a gooer, or a donkey??.... :-s
  11. its a hyosung
  12. thank you very much , americain just bought me a new jacket =D>
  13. grats stanga!!

    now onto macca's for a fresh feed!
  14. I bet and pretty much broke even...I live on the edge.
  15. Well, after speculating or jokingly suggesting Horse 3, 'So You Think', who started in Gate 3, should be put as a Place '3', it was more a case of 'what if' on my end.
    Congrats to all victorious in today's Melbourne Cup (y)
  16. ...yep!!... was a Donkeeeeeeeee!!!.... :bolt:
  17. A few years ago, after the race, I was half listening to the washup by the commentators. They went on interminably about how brilliant the trainer was and how great a job the jockey did and then, at the fag end of twenty minutes of sportscomm wankery one of them said "Oh, and the horse deserves some credit".

    At which point I went WTF:shock:, I didn't see Bart bloody Cummings running two miles whilst being hit with a stick by a midget.:LOL:

    All sports commentators should be put up against a wall and shot. Apart from Murray Walker, of course, but he's nearly dead anyway..........
  18. a day where people piss away absurd amounts of money and get shit faced while playing dress up should not be considered as a national holiday.