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so who here is a teacher???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by tj jockey, May 10, 2008.

  1. im a few months shy of finishing my degree to be a teacher... yes believe it or not someone is going to let me loose on class to educate them. just curious as to who here teachers and where. i have no idea what state i want to teach in nor private or public sectors.


  2. I tried it - wasn't for me. All the best! Get private if you can, there are no guarantees, but generally better behaved from my experience of various Melb schools as a CRT.

    I got Yr 8 little sh1ts at Laverton, Vic for a short time... was offered ongoing full time, but ran the other way instead :LOL:
  3. Let's hope you don't teach literacy.

    Which state are you in so that we know not to employ you. :p
  4. I used to be a high school physics, chem and science teacher, who usually got dragooned into teaching some maths too. Now I work at the University of Queensland, teaching teachers, but I still regard myself as a teacher.
  5. My GF is - primary school but had worked at secondary level until recently.

    What level are you aiming at i.e. primary, high etc?
  6. :rofl: smee !!!
  7. Get a masters and go to Finland. They have great pay and conditions for teachers in a world class education system. :)

    If you're going into Primary teaching, get someone to proof read all the work you give them. With the above example of sentence structure and grammer, Grade 3 kids will eat you alive. :shock: :LOL: :)
  8. funny how everyone trys to correct

    everyone trys to correct my first post cause of some spelling or ss issues. it is only a post on a bike forum to see who teachers and where. if you sdont teach freel free not to post something if you dont want to. its really quite simple
  9. Re: funny how everyone trys to correct

    Did I miss any?

    Lighten up mate. You were asking for a quick flame with that post. We can't see that many errors from someone who is about to become a teacher and not have some lighthearted piss taking. You'll get over it. :)

    FWIW, I'm a Primary Teacher, though I work in Special. :)

    Edit: Yep, I missed the missing full stop. All fixed now. :)
  10. Re: funny how everyone trys to correct

    trys >>tries :p
  11. Re: funny how everyone trys to correct

    :LOL: Well done. :)
  12. "freel" is not a word either.
  13. This is priceless :grin:
  14. if you cant do it, teach it. :wink:
  15. mods you can delete this thread

    this isnt quite what i was after. i'll post it on a different website. thanks mods
  16. the first requirement in being a good teacher is to be a good learner.....
  17. I would offer the well intended observation that, if a dummy spit is your reaction to a bit of fairly light hearted piss-taking on an internet forum, I trust that you have an alternative means of dealing with what a class of unruly 14 year olds is likely to dish out :grin: .
  18. A thick skin, endless patience and a good sense of humor helps too. :wink:
  19. He could always resort to what my year nine maths teacher did, which was to throw a chair through a glass window in anger :shock: :LOL:
  20. Re: funny how everyone trys to correct

    I'm a 19 year experienced high school teacher.
    I would not have you employed anywhere near my workplace or state.

    pssst Seany it's spelt "Grammar" :wink: