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So who has Self Control

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WiErD, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. I certainly dont.

    dont get me wrong i try to obey the limits sometimes, i just find they creep away a little to quickly.

    i probably need a local track or something

    who else has none or little self control.
  2. Well i ride a two stroke...the bike doesn't like cruising so i often have to open her up to breathe.

    I swear the bike makes me do it.
  3. <meekly raises hand>

    from time to time...
  4. i wonder what the correlation is to distance from decent twisties

    im about 100K's away from GOR well where the good stuff starts and everything else is the other side of melbourne :(
  5. i can make it from the bed to the dunny in the morn when i wake up ?????? does that count lol
  6. I can imagine I'll be posting a "my throttle hand is posessed" thread in the near future :LOL:
  7. I have pretty good self control when I'm travelling from place to place... particuarly by myself.

    It tends to fall away when just 'out for a ride' and more so when 'out for a ride with the guys' though *sigh*
  8. So rather than a 'Lead Foot' ~ this is what you might call a 'Lead Fist'?? :?
  9. id say wrist rather than fist, fist is like well ummm..

  10. About 50% , Twisties NO, police car YES , P platers in small jap cars NO ,
    B doubles on the fwy YES.
  11. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I actually DID think twice before i submitted that post, i thought nahhh... nobody's gonna be that filthy!!...

    How wrong i was! :twisted:
  12. I'll second that one.
    I usually subscribe to the 'i'll get there sooner or later and enjoy the journey' school of thought - until i get out there with a few mates, then it's heavy wrist action the entire way. :oops: :p

    Also, i learnt the hard way that my right wrist get's heavy when listening to trance music. Mr. Plod advised no more trance music. :wink: :twisted:
  13. Wierd was brave enough to post it, the rest of us were thinking it :)

    We're guys, that's what we do ;)

  14. i told you i have no self control..
  15. I've been saying ever since I bought the storm that I've got to learn the "right hand control" or I'll end up on a damn push bike! It's a horrible feeling passing a parked car (which is more like a blur) and thinking to yourself "was that a cop?" :shock:

    Firestorm. :D :) :D :) :D
  16. I'm actually quite impressed with my self control :D as long as no trucks , cars , buses or any form of transport tries to pass me , i can stick to the speed limit .
  17. I had a self control once, but I had it disconnected, it kept making the throttle too heavy.
  18. I'm usually pretty good. But I do often find that the needle's moved further to the right than it should. I usually (try to) blame the fact that riding a cruiser with a tank-mounted speedo and wearing a full-face helmet means the speedo isn't always in my line of vision, especially when I'm
    (a) in a curve, or
    (b) deliberately ignoring it.

    I'll have to be more careful now with the extra fixed cameras that have been / are being installed along the Westgate / Princes Fwy.
  19. I think if I had self control I would have been asleep hours ago. At least i have a 9.30 start.
  20. I lost it out there somewhere and every now and then I find it.