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So who has Foxtel? I have a Q

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GuJohnno, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. We're sick of waiting up so late for the Moto GP and missing out on the Superbikes so we're going to get Foxtel (I know, we should've done it earlier at the start of the season)

    I'm confused about what package to get so some feedback on what packages you have would be great.

    Which movie channel do you have? Movie Network or Showtime or both? What is the difference between these?

    Does anyone have iQ or iQ2 and what do you think of these and is it money well spent.

    Thanx in advance.
  2. What package(s) you get would depend on your interests and how much you would realistically watch Foxtel.

    The packages have changed a bit but I basically had the Sport and Escape packages added on to the basic package. Sport package so I could watch MotoGP and SBK obviously and the Escape package primarily for Lifestyle Food.

    I never bothered with IQ to be honest because I couldn't see any advantage in having it.
  3. We we essentially tossing money at Foxtel to make them richer for nothing in return until we GOT IQ.

    Wit IQ you can set shows to record and watch them later, you can time shift, you can series link where it records all of the episodes of a selected show.

    On Demand is handy when they put on a movie worth watching.

    Remote record means you can be anywhere in the world and by logging in you can set the unit to record.

    There are heaps of reasons to get IQ. I wouldn't bother with it of there was no IQ available.
  4. What really irritates me is that you subscribe to PAY television and yet the channels are still chock-a-block full of ****ing commercials.

  5. Yes there is that annoyance.

    Greedy people fcuk it for everyone.

    I just time shift stuff and FFW the commercials.
  6. Back when it started, there were no advertisements - ah those were the days!

    Then they started to slowly sneak in program promos, then "selected" ads between programs and next thing you know the place is awash with ads ..... bit like SBS. :(
  7. Like Vic said i would bother without IQ.
    I think IQ2 is for the HD stuff so if you have a good TV this may be an option but for $200.00+ extra I personally don't think it's worth it.

    IQ lets you set up series links so you can automatically record a whole series of shows that you like.
    With the extras we just get movie channels when we know that we're gonna be having some time off work and then cancel it when we go back (You only pay for the days that you have it)

    As for teh commercials you can just forward past them.
  8. i have all channels except for the movie package/channels, if i need to watch a movie, i will download it over the net
  9. I have everything, because I can.
  10. i got the works, now if only uktv series linked latest torchwood i'd have seen the last episode.(Yes, i cba torrenting it as of yet)
  11. I have IQ2 in my lounge room and IQ1 in my bedroom. For me, the days of watching live television and commercials are gone. I watch what I want, when I want. No more sitting down in front of boring programs when there's nothing on if I want to chill out. Funnily enough, I find myself watching less TV but more of what I actually want.
    The beauty of IQ2 is that I don't have to flick between my HD TV tuner and Foxtel all the time. I only have the free to air channels in HD.
    I just have the basic package plus sports (for the footy). I found that when I had movie channels I would somehow feel obliged to sit down and watch them. I also find that with IQ/IQ2 I get a lot more out of what is on all the free to air and basic channels so I don't need movies. There's plenty of movies on free to air, TV1 and fox classics to keep me happy.
  12. Me too, but on Optus Digital.