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So who got m/cycle related stuff ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. Well I for one am feeling my age ATM , besides getting a new visor that i'd been looking at for the past few weeks, and some 'look good' creams and washes for my baby.
    I also got a "Classic" M/cycle book [ a celebration of the worlds greatest models ] post war to 1980's......

    edit : almost forgot the die cast model of "Alice" as well :cool:

    I've owned 7 machines in the book and bought 4 of them when they where new ! :shock:

    CB750 [new] 'rip'
    900SD [new]
    CB1100RT [new]
    GSX1100S Katana [new]

    Now I'm feeling old :? :rofl:
  2. Does the "Long Way Down" DVD count?
    Looks good so far, although I'm still not a fan of the BMW R1200GS they do cope with a pounding.


    My Radiator guard turned up this week as well and that was for Xmas.
  3. Long Way Down book (how did they no? :) )
    Leo vince exhaust (neighbours really love that one :rofl: )

    Thats what others have bought for me. I bought myself some of my own pressies though including race air filter, oggies, new screen, carbon fibre bling, rear spools/frame sliders. And will be getting braided lines, a dynotune and some servicing when the shops are open again :grin:
  4. Long Way Down DVD, Sidi Vertebrae boots. Well satisfied :grin:
  5. Long way down DVD
    I bought myself a pair of a* smx-4 boots for my birthday (it still counts a mention in here because it's my birthday today)
    Custom rack for my bike (a friend is making it for me).
  6. Got a book from my brother.

    Performance riding techniques: The MotoGP manual of track riding skills :grin:

    Now i just need to have a go on a track one day :LOL:
  7. Long way down DVD

    The illustrated encyclopedia of motorcycles :) Some awesome info in it too.

    Bike wash stuff - rags, cleaner etc. Washed bike this morning and gave it a bit of a wax and it is looking pretty damn good. :grin:

    A wind up powered torch for my trip away.
  8. R-Jays Speed boots
  9. got me the brackets and assembly parts for my new screen/bikini fairing in the mail last night :)

    cant wait for the rest of it and the rear hugger, so i can chuck it on :grin:

    currently trying to convince mum to buy me a 6000km interval service fo christmas :LOL:

    slightly off topic, but im sitting in my new leather chair my bro got me! :grin: sure beats the old plastic school library chair i had!
  10. Parents bought me an AGV Sport Blade 2 jacket a week back for chrissy/graduation, and bought the matching Race model pants to match as a present from me to me.
  11. 12mth subscription to AMCN :grin:
  12. Ulysses Registar of Members. And a 2 day track day with accomodation. :)

    And the other half a Dri-Rider Rally-X jacket. Might get the track day too if she is not working.

  13. Long Way Down DVD, looks like a lot of us got this :)
  14. m2r racer boots
    dririder strada gloves

    Damn gloves, only ones that fit and felt comfy were winter ones, and we never get a winter up here. Meh, who cares if the hands get a touch warm.
  15. Ride day! Broadford on the 20th Jan. w00t :)
  16. got a decent sized gift voucher for a bike shop so i'll be able to go get myself some decent riding jeans or boots!
  17. A new pair of Alpinestars gloves
  18. I don't know why my folks ask me what I want :?
    I told them I'd like an Oxford Stowaway visor carrier.

    I got a nice big book, encyclopedia of world superbikes and a pair of shitty cordura Rjays winter gloves that are the wrong size, wrong colour and way to bulky for me to ride in, not to mention I already have 4 pairs of gloves.
  19. its the thought that counts :p
  20. I must have been really bad all year, I didn't get anything :mad: