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So which came first the chicken or the egg?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tiga, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. Having had my bike for a few months now it’s become pretty clear to me that city riding is average, long roads/rides are ok but corners and acceleration are great :D :D

    So have my riding preferences have been shaped by the bike I ride or did I buy that bike because I accurately assessed what my preferences would be?

    For example I have a friend who rides a scooter (just for fun, not work) and her idea of a nice is what I’d classify as not so great city riding (plus if I do her sort of riding too much my bike runs like s*#t), but then again I’m pretty sure her 1970’s Vespa doesn’t win any acceleration or cornering prizes . I know someone else who learnt to ride on a shadow and funnily enough prefers long rides without excessive cornering. But then again the Shadow’s pegs touch the ground on relatively tame corners. So did each of us buy the bike that suited what we knew would be our riding preferences or did our learner bikes shape our riding preferences in the first place? :?

  2. Well the bike your ride obviously has something to do with it but corners and bike rides with friends is where it's at. Touring with friends is also great fun (esp with lots of corners) and don't forget how much fun it is on a race-track (prob because of all the corners).


    BTW, did you know that you have one of the best handling bikes you can get :wink:
  3. Hmmmm not to me... I don't think! I learnt to ride on a honda cb250u and that was nothing like my ride now of a scooter... I prefer the scoota most times and I also prefer to get out of the city on it. I know that my next bike will also be a more cruser orientated scooter - as to cornering... I love twisties but then again I know that I have zero cnring skills but I'm getting there!!! very slow... On my old honda I gained some cornering confidence, some twistie experience but love doing it all on the scooter.
  4. I love blasting around Melb CBU just as much as riding at Reefton or riding at Phillip Island racetrack but I still prefer to do it all on the fastest sportbikes on earth.
  5. Just seems to me that when i engage Reefton mode in the CBD, its usually greeted by blue & red lights and a couple of funny looking fella's in blue hats. I will admit though that blasting through the city VERY late at night (~2-3am) is a helluva lot of fun.

    I guess also my current steed and the 'fastest sportsbikes on earth' this may make our city riding techniques dramatically different. For you JohnnyO, the front wheel is optional; on my poor 2fiddy its pretty much mandatory.
  6. I'm not saying I speed, I just like to be on a modern sports bike :wink:
  7. ... with a nice chunky rear sprocket and a few down on the front, im sure the front goes up at a walking pace. :D Aaaaahhh, with your rides... im just jealous (along with MANY other netriders). :p
  8. Hey, some of the nicest people I know ride an FZR250

  9. Funny you say that - for a moment after my last ride (while still under the influence of twisty road happy drugs :D ) I found myself thinking I had a bit of a talent for corner. However, after the happy drugs subsided I decided that my “good” cornering was probably not due to any ability on my part but rather 1) speed - I really don’t go very fast and 2) the bike itself – after all corners are supposed to be something its good at. The more I though about it the more I got into my chicken and egg question :wink:

    And yes - I totally agree on the friend thing. Any ride is better with friends :)
  10. I'll take that as a vote for the rider (chicken), not the bike (egg)

    hmmmm.... or should the rider be the egg after all you can't really call the average bike rider a chicken :wink:
  11. I actually rode into work for the first time today, but took it (fairly) easy cause of the traffic. still did it quicker than in my car though!

    I was talking to a couple of people here n im not sure whether my bike didnt like the traffic, or whether it was all in my head and me just wanting to let my baby free from the shackles and open her up!!! hehe, i think its the latter... lol
  12. IMHO: The rider makes a choice of bike, then when you start riding the bikes qualities in certain situations accentuates your enjoyment of what it does best (these qualities are most likely the reason you bought it in the first place) which encourages you to persue those activities.

    I guess you think of it as you meet someone and are attracted to by the way they look/act you then take them for a ride and it just keeps getting better. :LOL:
  13. When I got my first bike 3 and a bit years ago, I was SURE that I wanted to cruise around on a wannabe Harley. I went and bought a Suzuki Marauder, a little 250 cruiser. turned out it wasn't really my thing.

    Now that I got my licence back, it's naked sports (Spada) all the way, much more me.

    I reckon sometimes the bike chooses you. I know when I started looking for a bike again, when I saw the Spada it just cried out to me, "ride me , own me, you know you want to..."
  14. I dont' mind being called a chicken... if you've ever seen me riding... well... let's just say I'm missing a few feathers.... hehehehe :moped:
  15. Good answer...... and great analogy :D :D :D :D

    p.s. what's IMHO stand for??
  16. I'm right and I know I'm right!

    Or something like that anyway :p

    'In my humble opinion'