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So... where to ride in around the goldcoast?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ward_4e, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. I'm giving up the tazzie roads for a better life in a bigger city :cry: but I dont want to end up a comuter or worse still a non rider so... where do you goldcoast / brisbabne riders go to "ride to your capability"?

  2. Its a shame you weren't up there last month, cos there was the HUGE Gold Coast Bike Week, and they go on rides each morning around the area.
  3. damn... oh well next year... but i still dont have any idea if there are any decent twisties in and around teh goldcoast.
  4. Yeah I wish I could help you out but being in Sydney I can't really help you out. That is usless you want to take a 12 hour tour south then I can give you a tonne of road. :)

    Again sorry ward_4e
  5. no problem... look like its maps.google.com for some road mapps and a spare weekend...
  6. Most roads in the hinterland were pretty good, well 25 years ago, so probably still pretty good, just more crowded.
    You are leaving motorcycle mecca so don't complain if it's not up to your level of enjoyment!
  7. As already suggested try heading up into the Hinterland. Maybe a trip out to the Natural Arch at Springbrook would be a start.
  8. There's a bit of twisty stuff around the Glasshouse Mountains, and that area - but yeah, after Tasmania it's gonna be a let down. Can I suggest you go get a dirt bike and take it up near Cairns? That would be the shiznit baby yeah!
  9. GC Hinterland: Mt Tamborine

    Brisbane (west): Mt Glorious, Mt Nebo.

    Sunshine Coast: Glasshouse moutains (Maleny etc)

    Although I haven't tried these myself yet.....
  10. There are a lot of awesome roads up around that area. PM tanyathe cheeky for a full rundown. I personally have done "the block"? I think the locals call it. This is more a Brisbane end ride though. Head out to Dayboro>Mt Mee>De'Aguilar>Woodford>Kilcoy>Somerset dam>either side of the lake(Wivenhoe)>Mt Glorious>Mt Nebo>The Gap & you're back where you started.
    Plenty of good roads out Mt Tambourine, Canungra, Nerang, Natural Arch & back roads through to Murwillumbah.
    A little further out head for Beaudesert, Rathdowney & the Mt Lindesay Highway. Absolutely awesome at this time of the year. Everything they say about the Queensland weather is true. Honest mate fair dinkum :wink:
  11. Yeah, you wouldn't want to become a commuter! Imagine, riding a bike twice a day, what a chore! :roll:
    The hinterland is lovely, some excellent lookouts up that way too, and a blast out throigh the backroads to Casino would be nice too. I think the better roads near the Gold coast would acutally be across teh border, lots of old volcanoes(hills) around that way.

    Regards, Andrew.