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So when a moron pulls out in front of you, and you get it on video…

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, May 6, 2011.

  1. What's the best way to make the driver feel like the tool he is?

  2. you don't, you post it on whatever medium you want and then vent your spleen so that you feel better
  3. ^^ Ha ha, yes indeed. Please, indulge us :)
  4. You get a collection of them together and get ACA to run a story on them.

    ...but, once you throw that ball to them it could end up anywhere.
  5. You tube,
  6. then find them on facebook and post the video on there facebook.
  7. Hahahahahahahahaha, every one knows then,
  8. So, where is this video??
  9. I wait for them at the next set of lights, tap on the window and ask them if they have the balls to tell my children that they just killed thier daddy.. Usually gets a "i'm sorry!"
    I had one a couple of days a go, look me in the eye and pull into my lane a did nothing, didnt gas it, just sat there.. it was blatent disregard..
    For a second you think, they didnt see, then you realise the self important, careless f;:cks we have out there. People just think they are more important than others, and pull out thinking, ah f$)ck it you can go around, it wont hurt me. I'm in a cage
  10. The last moron that pulled that trick on me ended up parked at the side of the road with his keys in my pocket. I handed them in as lost at a cop shop a few ks away. Cops thanked me hahahahahahaha!
  11. That is effing gold!!! Made my morning!
  12. made my day too! bwahahahahaahahahaha i'm definitely going to be doing that to the next person who crosses the line (ie, i come off due to said idiot, or something very close to)
  13. If everyone who has a video of them getting SMIDSY's forwards them to me I can make a documentry about how effing stupid motorists are, market it to Discovery or some crap, and use the funds to support Netrider.

    Nah stuff that, just put them up on youtube.