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so what's your christmas swag??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. c'mon, tell us what you got!

    I got those awesome motorcycle boots from my BF
    my family does a secret santa, and mine got me..............


    it is the awesomeness!
  2. bottle of bundy, cool water aftershave, half a kilo of toblerone, cadbury favourites.

    and others apparently in the mail
  3. tea towels, a wooden spatula and some vodka (i bought the vodka)
  4. I scored:

    Couple of shirts.
    A torch that has no batteries, you just shake it to charge it.
    The 4th Tales of the Otori book.
    and this...

    I love my new camera... going to have to start some pics threads in Multimedia or something.
  5. new rack, new pack, boots, chrome stuff, rossi's autobiography, dvds and a completely melted Visa card to pay off!!! :dance:
  6. A couple of bottles of scotch and a winter lining for my dririder jacket :grin:
  7. Hah, know how you feel!
    There should be a "What did you get everyone else for Xmas?" thread...
  8. umm a new suit, choccies, a few books, cufflinks and he biggest smiles from my kids.

    Oh and an unwanted extra 3 kilos :shock: :grin:
  9. tattoo
    new hair shaver thingo set
    and some, erm, redbull
  10. Loads of Chocolate.
  11. Some Kwikerb for the front, bit of cash, great meal out for xmas lunch, new microwave and a set-top box.
  12. a tie rack, malibu and a few other nicknacs - i had a nice day with family - i think that was the most important thing.
  13. A cover for my scoot, some casheroonie, some DVDs, CDs, a new bag, and the chance to catch up with lots of ex-Adelaideans who return to the fold for Xmas.
  14. lol. I was walkin through kmart the other day and as soon as I saw the cover art I knew what it was and grabbed it. haven't gotten round to starting it yet though.

    The trilogy was fken awesome.


    • * 80gig Video iPod
      * Logitech iPod Dock and Speakers
      * Bottle of 2000 Moss Wood Cab Merlot (if you know about wines, then you'll know what this means ;) )
      * Bottle of Stanton & Kileen Ruby Port
      * Bike Wash and Waterless Cleanser
      * The Wedding Singer DVD
      * The Da Vinci Code DVD
      * Couple of pairs of shorts, and a funky casual shirt
      * 8 setting Maxwell & Williams Dinner Set
      * Japanese Set of plates, bowls, spoons, sauce pots, chopsticks and rests
      * 2 Egyptian weave bath towels
      * Epicure cookbook - Summer edition
      * A Katmandu Pedometer

    I was happy :)
  15. I've been given nothing :(
    But I've been lucky enough to work both public holidays. Penalty rates!! buy myself something instead! @ least I wont have to pretend I like it cos I will
  16. that sucks ninjas. :(

    Make sure you get yourself something you really can't afford, then enjoy the shit out of it !

    I hope you have a fantastic New Year :)
  17. My wife and I were spoilt this year.

    We got:

    $3000 from my wives Grandma - as she isn't gonna keep getting pressies for us each year.
    $500 in cash from my parents.
    A couple of Coles Myer vouchers totalling $110.
    I got a pair of shoes, a tshirt, a PS2 game, a cricket book and some other little things like socks.
    The wife got Season 8 of the Simpsons, a set of drawers, a babyseat for the car, and some other stuff as well.

    So, all in all, we did bloody well this year, and were completely shocked about the $3500 which we weren't expecting at all!
  18. WOW! How good is the cashola!!!!

    I got:

    $1000 Buckeroonies
    Awesome Digital Camera (from the bf)
    Huge Body Shop Pamper set
    Hammock/Day Bed
    Delicious Xmas Lunch

    The Bf got:

    Leather Motorbike Jacket (from me)
    Lots and Lots of Clothes
    50% of the cashola
    Delicious Xmas Lunch

    We spent the morning of Xmas with my mum etc, then flew down to Tassie and spent the rest with the bf's fam... All in all we had a great day and got some awesome pressies!
  19. Not everything, just the best stuff:

    - 4 frypans of various sizes. None of that crap "non-stick" stuff either - just good, old fashioned steel (well, OK, one stainless steel, two blued steel, 1 plain steel)

    - A hammered iron wok

    - Sin City DVD