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So whats the go in melb next week?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Oh yes Melb you had better lock up your daughters / wifes / girlfriends.......
    Bob is paying you all a visit from Wed 16th till the following Monday.

    Yeah sure I'm coming down for a funeral of a family friend, so thursday is out but that means I'm free for Fri night coffee / drinks :twisted:
  2. Bugger, I'll be in Tassie. Come down there. Bring your tools. Targa Tas. Ferrari 308gtb. Just do it. We'll have fun, and the car will win.
  3. Hmmm, I spose I could pack my pliers to cut the inevitable bit of fencing wire your going to need to rebuild the suspension or something. :LOL:
  4. Yep, we will need a clutch plate, made from a 5 wire fence.
  5. Probably see you at coffee sir Bob.
  6. bugger coffee. With your fencing wire skills, there is a small fortune to be made in tassie, in only 5 days.
  7. Damn! You should come to the Thursday night ride!!! Hope you enjoy your stay, Melbourne is awesome ^_^
  8. He knows that ,Chaos, Melb is the scene of most of Bobs crimes against humanity.
  9. I'll be at Monday coffee at Williamstown !

    Geeez, whats the go with the south bound migration next week !
  10. Everyone wants to be with you, of course.
  11. Bob, just spoke with blodders. The whole crew, minus me, should be avail.
  12. Never see him on here anymore. I have heard that he is on another one. Think it might be called "dykes and rooters" Something like that anyway. Hang on a minute and I will phone him.
  13. Righto, Woodsy is keen to catch yez both. He will be in touch.
  14. when and where, is this little gathering happening :eek:
  15. Dunno Stewy. Reep reading.
  16. Woo Hoo sounds like a good old NR shin dig is in the making :wink:
    and all for just little old me........ oh and maybe Micky too :p

    I hope I still remember how to show 'southbank' a good time

    =P~ \:D/ :beer: :rofl:
  17. Looking good, and I will miss it all
  18. the entire population is going to coffs harbour for the week. :cool: