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So, what'd Santa bring you this year?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Finn, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Merry Christmas All.
    Hope Santa brought everyone lots of cool prezzies.

    I got an Australian Motorcycle Atlas with 200 top rides.
    Can't wait to start crossing them off.

    And, my boys got me The A-Team on DVD. :grin:

    So, what did you get.
  2. So far Santa got me a 55" LCD TV and Foxtel HD

    I checked the driveway.....no bike
  3. Kawasaki boxer shorts, LOL I ride a Honda
  4. One of my dogs keeps breaking wind, which is a nice surprise, but apart from that I got nothing. Family day later so I'll be hoping for something huge.
  5. We're not being silly this year so I got a figurine of a dragon riding a flaming cruiser, hand-painted by a friend of ours - it's very cool and I'll post a piccie later.
    I also bought myself a GoPro HD Hero last week - does that count?
  6. Calvin Klein 'Eternity' After Shave, Motorcycle Mags and various other goodies - some yet to be seen :)
    Oops..not to mention (if this counts?) my One Piece Berik Capirex suit and Berik track pants.
    Best of all though ? I'm spending my first Christmas with the whole family, after a loooong absence - life's good.
    Merry Christmas to all :)
  7. Leather saddlebags and a sissy bar bag, and hubby got an R Jays top box from Santa :)
  8. Rear stand for the KLR. If you've ever tried to do a chain clean and lube without a stand you will understand how awesome this is :) :) :)

  9. A new pair of knee sliders since the other ones look like tampons & a new pair of ASICS Gel Kayano 17's. For me it just doesn't get any better than this.
  10. I have the greatest santa ever!

    And because I got the R1 a couple of months early (due to the the other half having to leave the best game of golf he ever played at the 8th hole when SV1000s threw an electrical tantrum and had to come home on the trailer) I also got a set of sidi race boots under the tree today....

    Yey Santa!!!

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  11. A case of beer and a 6 pack of beer.
  12. a 56L ventura bag, and a few small bits n pieces.
  13. Wow. There are some very cool prezzies in there.

    Love the riding gear.

    Welcome home Nickers. :grin:
    Merry Christmas brother.
  14. zero - single man with no family - buying myself presents would just be weird :)
  15. So.... What did you get yourself !?

  16. all i got was a new dvd player and a water pistol so i can chase the kids round. And for some unknown reason i bought myself a nerf gun
  17. Motolegion :
    Nothing wrong with that dude (I spent a considerable amount on riding gear recently). Which reminds me, I'd like to order another pair of the Black size L (10) Gloves, thanks ! My bro liked them so much that they became his (yes, they were unused LOL) and now need some for myself again.

    Here's more business for you mate and hopefully more Christmas cheer coming your way (y)

    Finn :
    You're a legend mate. Spending Christmas day with the family today - shortly driving down to Mt Martha to continue the festivities with entire family/inlaws/friends. Bad news is that I sign on for work tomorrow morning at 0750hrs ](*,)...no drinking for this duck ! Hehe, all good.

    Some awesome Christmas pressies indeed !
  18. R-Jays 'Bandit' vented summer bike gloves, Season 1 of Spooks on DVD and some cool t-shirts. I also bought myself the Unreal Pack on Steam - all the Unreal games. Now downloading, playing soon.
  19. i got nothing today :D