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So what the hell do we all do?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bretto, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. So other then being total legends and bike lover's what is our daily grind? What finances our favorite hobby of riding?

    I am myself a Lab Technician at Boral. I am mainly in a QA role where by I reverse engineering asphalt to make sure it is in spec in relation to vic roads specifications / standards. So essentially I make sure the asphalt Boral delivers (Mainly in Geelong but sometimes in Melbourne lab's) will last the test of time.
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  2. Night shift supervisor at a pallet joint. Getting paid as I type right now (y)
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  3. High school teacher (maths) and awesome home brewer.
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  4. I am God.
    Sorry I meant I am good... :eek:
    Oh and bonkers...
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  5. Well when I find myself in WA next ill put those 'awesome brewer' claims to the test. After all my last name is Brauer which is German for Brewer. So you know I know what the go is. ;-)
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  6. Why do you want to know what we all do Mr BrettoBretto ?
    We all ride isn't that qualification enough... :)
  7. Secret plans to take over the world..... Haha.
    Nah just a curious bloke. Also doesn't hurt to find out what some people do for a living. Sometimes they can help you out of a pickle.
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  8. #8 oldcorollas, Aug 6, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2015
    Metallurgy, materials, microscopes, making many multifaceted materials much more manageable, maybe more marketable... mostly...
    dissecting devilishly difficult designs, discovering deceptively devious differences, drawing descriptive distinctions.. n stuff (and disregarding directions :D )
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  9. *Pretends to understand what you do, nod's head and takes another sip of my beer* :whistle:
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  10. definitely don't do desk dithering, drafting dreary documents daily despite disinterest :D
  11. Warehousing & Logistics.
  12. Haha I just read your footer "Never filter with a sidecar...." and imagined someone trying to do that. >:O
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  13. Mmmmm...Beer.
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  14. Environmental Advisor in the CSG industry. It's struggling these days with the cheap oil price and always waiting for that tap on the shoulder. Soooo... if anybody has a need for an Environmental Advisor... :watching:
  15. I was a Group Quality Manager for a large CSG company and felt the same way you do. Now the group quality manager for a large engineering consulting company. Less $$, less hours, less stress.
  16. Self-taught IT geek, got my first PC in 1984 do support at five schools in the Wollongong area of NSW.
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  17. I dream up IT solutions for large companies and organisations. My current focus area is solving business problems with mobile technologies but I have a long history with SAP (for those who knows what that is).
  18. I explain why the mineral processing equipment that my company sold is really OK if you just run it properly.
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  19. Gardener
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  20. I love gardnening...I will miss all my herbs and citrus whilst I am up north :( Nothing like being able to go grab some fresh herbs by just walking out your back door.
    I have a soft spot for natives but so do the dogs :eek:
    I will get back into proper gardneing once I am pet free...if ever
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