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So, what sort of nap is it, really..??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. I always thought it was 'nano' as in tiny, as in a little nap, but everyone seems to be calling it 'nana', as in old person's :?

  2. I'm more accustomed with the latter usage but I'm sure the former is slightly more PC, modern and perhaps less daggy. I say let the daggy rule lol
  3. definitely nana nap.

    a more modern take is the 'disco nap'
  4. I was with the first explanation too, although I have heard both terms used.

    I thought nano sleep is for like a second or so when your tired and you don't really realize your eyes shutting?
  5. Did u see my post Paul? :)
  6. nano : Quick powernap at random times.

    nana : Afternoon nap on the couch/bed, prior/after a big night.
  7. ... its a "cat nap"... 8-[
  8. I've been known to have a 20 min nap (or two sometimes) during the course of an arvo - between races I'm interested in. I call them power naps - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_nap. The caffeine nap is especially good. Just one of the joys of "working" for yourself :)

    Never heard of nano nap... nano sleep (split second - drift off due to extreme tiredness) or nana nap (less intense power nap?) yes, but nano nap - that sounds like it comes from the same person that thought up interwebs
  9. Official Victorian government ruling (they have one for EVERYTHING) is that it is to be called 'micro-sleep'. That way no nannas or nanos will be disadvantaged, disempowered or vilified. And therefore cannot sue.
  10. I don't get these "Micro", "Nana" or "Power" naps tho!!.. unless I get a full night's sleep, I wake up feeling like a zombie, and then I feel "sluggish" for the rest of that day.... I try to stay awake so I seep when I go to bed!!.. :-s
    Maybe I'm doing this nap thing wrong??.. [-(
  11. Definitely Nana nap for the planned 20min afternoon nap (which form part of my weekend routine). Getting the kids to have a sleep is a great excuse.

    Maybe Nano nap is some sort of derivative of the micro-sleep. So not neccessarly a good thing.
  12. I'm not so sure about this. A micro-sleep is where you nod-off briefly for a few seconds. This is something different to Hornet taking himself off to bed for half-an-hour's kip. The Victorian government may well have an official ruling on it, and I'm sure its probably got something to do with TAC's campaigns to get people to pull over for what they call a "power-nap" when driving during the wee hours. This choice of terminology is presumably because, to truck drivers, hitting cats get you points, while hitting a nana gets you a high-score bonus.
  13. Nanna nap is what it is. I often have a nanna nap on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

    I find the V8 supercars tend to put me to sleep the fastest. Cricket doesn't though, mainly because it's so boring that it doesn't hold my attention long enough and I have to change channels.
  14. you say "nano"

    my girlfriend says "nana"

    i say "siesta"

    tomato, tomato it's all the same
  15. I say kip.

    Esther is a pretty nice girl though.
  16. I'd need to see ......
  17. Everything that isn't covered by official Victorian Government guidelines DOESN'T EXIST!, o disbeliever!
    Therefore, 'nanna naps' are not permitted. It's the re-education camp for you, bucko!

    (Hornet, that was pretty quick for an old guy...)
  18. +1 for nanna nap.

    Only because of the irony that at the ripe old age of 24, I need to have the occassional afternoon kip to get the energy levels up again :S
  19. Never heard of a nano nap....

    Definitely nana nap. More leisurely than a power nap, which is usually defined as less than 20mins.
  20. :wink: