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So what random things have you found in your tyre(s)?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ginji, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. A while ago I was leaving uni and ended up just outside of the carpark with this:


    stuck in my rear tyre, near the edge (5pm on a Friday, what a pain in the ass!)

    What it is a broken 1/4 inch drive extension.

    So apart from the usual assortment of nails and screws, what random and inexplicable things have you had a puncture from? :?:
  2. I was checking my tyres the other day and discovered that they had air in them. :shock:
  3. I haven't had a puncture on the bike.

    Found a few nails in the fourbie's rubber though.
  4. Air?. Are you serious?
  5. I use helium. It improves the power to weight ratio.
  6. The best one was in the car, one of those corn cob holders wedged in at a 45degree angle. When things get a tad pudding-y you don't expect to see a little imitation corn poking out.
  7. I had a little chunk of glass, might have been a bit of a broken windscreen or something.. slow leak so I could just make it home, stopping at servos every 10 min so. Lucky there was one just next to where I park my bike to get me going initially :)
  8. A little bit of stick. Dead set, must've been only the length of a AA battery. Quick dodge-up [was out bush] and then a slow ride back to the farmhouse for some air.

    In the val, started her up and was about to drive off but it wouldn't go anywhere. Thought, this is weird...handbrake, yep off. Hmm, better check outside. Sure enough, some bloody lark has put an upright schooner glass under my front tyre. A freakin' schooner glass :shock: Must've just held up the compressive forces til I backed off and took it out...wouldn't like to think what would have happened if I was taking off in a hurry.
  9. Back in the UK, in rural areas, hawthorn and blackthorn spikes were pretty usual when the hedges had just been slashed back, covering the road with debris. Evil stuff. If you want security fencing it beats razorwire any day of the week.

    No really interesting stories of stuff in my tyres, but I had a couple of moments in the old Landie when the wheel rims split after decades of chronic overloading.

    Also remember a photo of a truck tyre with a large open ended spanner sticking out of the tread. I also heard an apochryphal story of the truck wheel and tyre combo that couldn't be balanced. On removal from the wheel, the tyre was found to contain a dead cat.
  10. i had a nail in my tyre once, got it plugged, then the next day i saw another nail, about 5cm's over from where the plug was. !!! Someone must be putting nails in the same spot every morning waiting for me to ride over them and my riding skills are so good that I go over the same area every day! lol.

    it was a bizzare series of occurnces.
  11. I felt quite sick the other day when i was lubing my chain, the amount of deep cuts and holes in my tyres. :shock: No idea what does them, sharp stones maybe.

    My car had a few screws in the tyres until the neighbors i hated moved. (If you can see this prick im gonna get you!!!!!!)
  12. I had a length of copper pipe go through my rear tire about 2 months ago, the pipe has been flattened and folded over on itself lengthwise so it became a sharp spear of copper about 15cm long. It had about 2cm showing outside the tire when I found it, put the bike in my brother's van and took it to kawasaki and when they pulled the tire off there was also a loose nut inside the tire. The puncture was too far towards the edge for a repair so a new tire was needed, third new tire in three years.