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So... what OS do you use?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by minglis, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. I'm Interested in what OS everyone is using.

    I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 atm. Looking forward to 11.04 which is due out in a week. 11.04 is replacing Gnome as the default desktop with a new version of Unity. Looks interesting.

    So, what OS's underpin our NR community?

  2. Home PC = Windows 7 Ultimate (because it works)
    Home Laptop = Windows 2000 SE (because it's 15 years old)
    Work PC and Laptop = Windows XP (because I have no say in what they use)
  3. Ubuntu 10.10 runs my home machine, soon to dual-boot it and WinXP.

    Been testing 11.04 beta 2 off a USB drive. Not keen on Unity. Xubuntu seems more viable. Another alternative would be Bodhi Linux, equipped with the under-rated Enlightenment.

    P.S.: I was waiting for you to post this thread :grin:
  4. Office service?
    Other system?
  5. Operating System!!

    I swear to God i'm not actually blonde!

  6. :worthlesspics:
  7. Home OSX Snow Leopard, Centos 5.

    Work Fedora 12ish. With an XP SOE in a VM cos some morons at work bought windows only shit.
  8. haha. glad you got there in the end... still didn't tell us what you use tho!!
  9. 3 of my home machines are Ubuntu, 1 is a Mac mini (media PC... works awesome for that) and my Work Laptop is Ubuntu, with XP in a VM (cause sometimes you just need to run something on windows) and Backtrack 4 in a VM for Pen Testing.
  10. + 1.

    Personally, I'm staying with Gnome. If I wanted an apple, I'd buy an apple...

    Unity is a box of tricks built on Gnome. The underlying stuff is still the same. I have the option of just leaving all my desktop stuff the way it is, and I'm doing just that.

    4 letters for you - W.I.N.E.

    VirtualBox OSE is also good stuff.
    Funny how I started out running windoze with redhat in a VM, and over a decade later I'm running Ubuntu with windoze in a VM... - that I hardly ever bother to start up...
  11. I tried to use Ubuntu.
    When it didn't work after the third attempt I gave up on it.
  12. At the moment I'm using Windows 7, but first sign of any problems I'm probably going back to Ubuntu. Had Ubuntu 10.10 on my old laptop, but the hard drive died. Tried 11.04, but couldn't get near to installing it because of the hard drive.

    When Windows died on my old laptop, my brother gave me a flash drive with Ubuntu 8.04 Netbook remix to help get my files off it. Easy to use did everything I wanted it to. Now my laptopl is a bit faster (Intel i7 and a NVidia Geforce GT525M), so I use it to play some of the new games (never got Wine to work well enough to enjoy the games). Still spend more time playing flash games though.
  13. Full time Linux user since 2000. Started with Debian for a few years. Then moved to Gentoo because it was cool building from scratch. And now Ubuntu because it just works.

    For research we use scientific linux. We save a lot of $$$$ because we either use opensource scientific libraries or develop them ourselves.

    Personally, opensource is a freedom thing- just like riding a motorcycle. :beer:
  14. Linux/BSD ISO + UNetbootin + 8 GB USB drive == safe experimentation in the world of Linux/Unix/BSD.
  15. + 1. There are definite parallels.

    @ alexanderino - Berkly Software Distribution sucks, just quietly. Enormously significant in its historical context, poster-child of the open sauce movement ... so very 1997 ... we wouldn't be where we are in open sauce without them.

    Ubuntu and Mint are pretty cool... I dunno what the latest Fedora is like but I'd guess it's as solid as bank vault.

    In a year and a half of always-on internet and all sorts of stupid computer stuff like trawling pawn sites, crakz sites, software development (got to practice a little bit, or forget it all) and surfing the left-wing radical conspiracy-theory sites and stuff, u-bunt has never ONCE crashed on on me, never dobbed me in, never hung, never died, always done exactly what I've told it to ... I couldn't be happier. It's going to be interesting when the 6-core SandyBridge and the i67 ~ i68 chipsets come out, 'cos one of them and a (roughly) 200GB SSD are going to become the new kneedragon central...
  16. Windows 7 on nearly everything, because I can buy Pro on disc for $50 thanks to a deal between Microsoft and the Education Department. XP Pro on my netbook.

    Department standard is XP moving to 7, and besides, I've never had any problems with 7 from the beta through RC to RTM.

    I can understand the philospophy behind other OSs but it just strikes me as a bit back-to-front to spend ages installing and tweaking an OS, and then having to install a Windows emulator to run industry-standard applications like Office, etc :?.
  17. Who'd run a VM just for Office. Luckily I almost never need to use it anyway.

    I use a VM cos some moron bought service desk software that only runs on Windows.
  18. Home PC - Windows 7 x64 Ultimate dual booting with Ubuntu 10.04.
    Laptop - Linux Mint 10.
    Work PC - Windows 7 x?? (not sure).

    That being said I usually have OpenOffice installed instead of M$ Office, just used to it I guess.

    Always handy having the Ubuntu disc lying around, got me out of so many situations without having to stuff around with HDD and what not.
  19. Libre-office or Open-office ... completely compatible, does the job. Doesn't look quite as sexy - but doesn't have the (kkkrrrrack - spit) ribbon interface either.

    Oracle has given up and dropped the ball back to the Open Source people for open office anyway.

    If you must run an app that only runs under windoze, there are ways to to do it under linux. If (unlikely) none of them work, you can drop in a Virtual Machine and stick Windoze on that and run your app on it.

    My wife refuses to run linux as her primary because she's a regular at MicroSoftNetwork and Micro$oft Instant Messaging, M$ silvertail and M$ 'I want play with my friend's d*ck' and god knows what. All her technically clueless mates use it.

    "But I can't get into FacePlant in Linux."

    "Yeah, you can."


    "Use the browser interface."

    "I don't like that. I want to use the M$ OS to run the M$ browser that finds the M$ app that downloads the 3rd party (M$) app that installs and accesses the social share-my-STD-site with me in that site's proprietary app so I can get messed over big time on-line, and you're just a geriatric fossil for being messed up about it."

    "Actually, I went to a number of lectures in 1995 ~ 1996 that dealt with this exact issue ..."

    "Right! And that was so ten years ago. Wake and get with the program."

  20. Well here goes.

    Home:windows 7
    Work notebook: OSX 10.6
    Main work PC: Windows XP
    Second Work PC: Ubuntu 8.something

    Also have various ubuntu versions in virtual PC's for embedded stuff and cross compile to various Atmel arm platforms.

    Let me rate in number of crashes per week:
    1. OSX
    2 Ubuntu
    3 Win XP

    Have not had a single crash with win 7 yet.