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So what now...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vOOdsy, Sep 19, 2005.


    Anyone got a spare 16 large gorrilas for me to borrow?? :D

  2. EEEEEEK Watch out country Victoria; congrats!
  3. lucky bugger :D ive gott another 2 months just on my L's :(

    have fun. what bike u gonna get
  4. Whoohooo, congratulations...freedom at last. Man that 12 months seems such a long time, remember sweating on losing my "P"'s too!!!
  5. Actually, it was 15 months :cry: ..didn't do my P's until 6months after the Ls.

    Nevermind tis all good, now must remind self to test ride plenty of dealer bikes :D
  6. Hey VOOdsy, congrats on getting thus far. It didn't take that long now did it ;)
  7. can't help you with 16 large, but hornet is giving away a cool hundred, closes today so chuck up some wit and you might be able to get some new kit to go with your bike :wink: :arrow: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10339

    congrats on getting off your restrictions :biker:
  8. yes indeed, I am reviewing the entries tomorrow morning first thing, and I'll be contacting the winner to find his or her address to send the prize; don't miss it if you can.
    (I've been out of the office all day today, sorry for the delay)
  9. Hey vOOdsy!! Congrats on finally being off them restrictions. As to the gorillas, try looking for them in a zoo? :p :p
  10. Hey nice work vOOdsy. What are you thinking of getting?
  11. Thx folks...

    At this stage a nice economical sport-tourer...ZZR-600, VFR-750, YZF-600 :D

    Ahh..so many choices
  12. Jump across the the "Shop Manuals" thread and see the original press releases for some of these bikes, fascinating reading!
  13. Have to put the vote in here for the YZF600... :LOL:

    IMHO of course... not that I'm biased or anything! :D
  14. Im soooooo jealous... I still have ages to wait for my restructions to disappear..

    I recon you are better to put the 16 G's towards a '05 Speed Triple..
  15. o your lucky but im excited as well i go for my l's tomorow
  16. vOOdsy, save yourself time and hastle, test ride one bike, a Firestorm and then buy it.
    Congrats on negotiating those painfully slow 12 months.