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So what lives in your bag??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete the freak, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Just curious, what does everyone keep in their tank bags/backpacks/gearsacks?

    What can't you live without?

    My tankbag always has:

    Wet weathers, street directory, water bottle (green cordial actually), deodorant, goopy hair stuff (for helmet hair), spare L's...
  2. I usually carry a chamois to wipe my visor, sunglasses or clip ons, mobile phone, ear plugs and wallet.
  3. The Gymp .......
  4. depends on what I am doing, if touring I have clear visor, other gloves, beanie, pohne, wallet, camera, first aid kit, maps, visor cleaning cloth, sunscreen, plus other stuff that will come to me eventually. Around town in the tankbag, normally will have change of visor, visor cleaning stuff, helmet bag, now that the weather is cooler a warm set of gloves as well. maybe a beanie, ear plugs
  5. Huh? Scum, obviously!
  6. bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    you're so funny
  7. in the "boot": spare clear visor (if im wearing the tinted one), disc lock, rag, tool kit (with $10note in there incase im stuck somewhere without cash or Atm). :D

    backpak: thin waterproof jacket (if the weather looks crappy), small street directory, water, camera, discman, phone/wallet, hat. :D
    (ill only carry a backpack if im going far from home tho).
  8. When commuting the boot has tyre guage, wet weather pants, disk lock, pc screen cleaner and cloth (brilliant visor cleaner), plus mobile phone, spare sunny lenses (got wileyx with interchangeable lenses), balaclava and backpack with work crap and lunch.

    for rides/day trips etc the backpack gets dumped and in it's place a water bottle, alternate visor, small towel, wallet (with cash :wink: ) and maybe a map if I havent been that way before.

    EDIT: and camera if of course

  9. First aid kit is a good idea. Just put one in today actually (i had a spare in my car). I know some guys dont seem to like having things in the back of the bike that can roll around but its a wise investment i think...
  10. Wet weather gear, lock and cable, visor cleanng stuff, face mask, torch, spare headlight bulb, crushed beer can for parking on mud, tyre pressure gauge. The bike also has a tool kit under the seat. earplugs live in my jacket pocket with sunnies.
  11. Oh....hmmm.....let me see........ :roll:

    Disc lock, spare visor (clear or tinted), tool kit, pink scarf, pen & paper, wallet, sunglasses or prescription glasses, spare summer or winter gloves, OPSM glasses cleaner & microfibre cloth, furniture leg protector (for side stand when on soft ground), water bottle or thermos, chewing gum, lipstick, comb (pffftttt....why do I bother? Curly hair!!!!) :LOL:
    and sometimes.....Melways, first aid kit, hand wipes etc etc etc. The more room I have....the more junk I'll throw in there! :D

    Soon....will be adding the Espresso machine! :) :D :LOL:

    Well.....it IS an Across boot after all! \:D/
  12. Depending on which bike I'm on...

    A mastercard and a small bag of tools, or

    Tool bag, ocean-racing wet weather gear, Melways, a jack, water bottles, picnic basket & food.

    You figure out which kit goes with which bike.
  13. Hmmm, let me guess, is that for jacking up the sidecar? :LOL:
  14. Wet weather pants, spare visor, some work related stuff, microfibre cloth, sunnies + sometimes a jumper.

    Must get: first aid kit, crushed can for mud sounds a good thing to have!, water bottle/camel bag, melways.
  15. Generally I'll have my handbag rather than backpack or tankbag. It's a BRIGHT white jack skellington bag - strap across chest, waterproof vinyl, shows up in headlights like a huge reflector so people say WTF?!?!? and don't hit me. Here goes (I'll leave out the girlie stuff and leave it to motorcycly things)

    Map of brisbane inner city (minor roads) + surrounds (major arterial roads)
    Disk lock.
    Emergency fuel munny in Secret Compartment
    Spare disposable contact lenses (if you've ever lost one lens halfway home you'll understand)
    Sunglasses + clear glasses for night riding
    Tissues for pitstops and visor clearing
    Mobile phone.
    Bandaids + headache pills.
  16. U people are hauling like trucks!!!!! :D I carry nothing, don't have any tank or any other bags on the bike. Only a backpack if I need something purposly, but no "just in case" stuff for me.

  17. look here

  18. Heh heh, never fear! If I cannot fit the Saeco espresso machine in the Across boot (all 8kgs of it!), between Mr Okimura & I - we already have:
    The brass coffee bean grinder,
    The coffee plunger thermos (thanks to the recent Kathmandu sale!),
    The backpacker size camping stove. :LOL: :LOL:

    Nothing, I say absolutely nothing!!! gets in the way of a coffee lover in the morning! :LOL:
  19. Carry wet weather gear and the occasional piece of reading material, such as magazine or newspaper, especially if weather is nice and I want to stop for a spot of lunch. Not forgeting the usuals of course, wallet, bike lock etc.
  20. My little ZZR doesn't have a bag, only a very small cosmetic case.....