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So what laws should we introduce for other road users

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jd, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Since it seems like non-motorcyclists are perfectly happy to invent and enforce laws that only relate to riders, I figure it's only fair that riders should be able to invent laws that effect them.

    Personally I reckon we could start with things like:
    -Mandatory fitment of special steering locks on cars that make it physically impossible to make a sharp turn without using the indicator
    -Front mounted brake lights on cars, so we know if they really are going to stop
    -A law that states once a car has stopped at an intersection it must stay stopped till the green, ie no sudden decisions you're in the wrong lane or moving deliberately to block motorcycles
    -Tolls on bicycle paths/lanes, after all why should they be susbsidised when motorists pay both tolls and a tax on fuel (which is supposed to pay for roads).
    -Red man cameras on pedestrian crossings - linked to face recognition software and a database of licence/passport photos (or maybe introduce some mandatory e-tag system for pedestrians so any illegal road crossing can be tracked).

    What else could we introduce?
    Keeping in mind that in keeping with most motorcycle specific legislation it should be as impractical and inconvenient to others as possible ;).
  2. - No dogs or other animals inside the car
    - minimum ADR car turning radius of 100metres
    - compulsory helmets
    - maximum speed limit of 30km/h, enforced by compulsory GPS tracking and black boxes installed that will retard the throttle automatically.
    - all cars have a no right turn at any intersection rule applied to them.
  3. how about a man walking in front of them with a lantern to warn of their approach?
  4. not bad - the ensuing traffic jams would require another retrospective ADR of no car wider than 1.5 metres. Watch the lane filtering opportunities open up then!
  5. It's been tried before :LOL:

    1865 - Red Flag Act

    Progress in the development of cars saw stiff opposition from companies running horse-driven coaches. In the mid-1800s turnpike charges (similar to toll charges) for the "early cars" that which were then plying on road, were steeply hiked. These heavy and crudely built steam-driven vehicles must have badly damaged roads, and to some extent the increase was possibly justified.

    The 'Locomotives on Highways Act' (Red Flag Act) was passed by the British Government in 1865. It was intended to regulate the use of heavy traction engines pulling large loads. The Act limited speeds to 6.4 kms per hour in the country and 3.2 in towns. It also required that every road locomotive must have three attendants - one to steer, one to stoke and one to walk 50 metres ahead of the vehicle, bearing a red flag, signaling the driver when to stop.

    The Red Flag Act discouraged further developments of road-steam-vehicles. A subsequent Act passed 13 years later in 1878 did away with the red flag, but nevertheless the vehicle still had to be preceded by a man on foot to warn drivers of horse-driven coaches.
  6. ban all humans.
  7. All Vans and 4WD vehicles are not allowed to have tinted rear windows and must always ensure there is a clear line of sight from their rear window through the front window so traffic behind can see the traffic in front. (i hate sitting behind them and not being able to see whats going on up ahead.)
  8. Driver's seats must provide for the driver's eyes to be above the top of the steering wheel when seated normally.
  9. luckily for you, shooting your mouth off and shooting yourself in the foot are not competition events.

    What would this be classed as? Not exactly a sidecar (bike) or 4 wheeler (car)


    A great law for cities would be "no parking anywhere on main roads at any time. Parallel parking for all vehicles less than 1m wide excepted."

  10. Traffic lights should have an extra light with an "M" on it, like they have for the busses, so that we can all take off before the cars.
  11. This law would work really well.
  12. Should also add new pro-hoon laws:
    -Any vehicle changing lanes just before a set of lights so as to be at the front in the right hand lane must be capable of a 0-100 time of under 10 seconds. Failure to accelerate at a respectful speed will result in the impoundment of the vehicle.
    -All slow moving vehicles are to be banned from twisty roads during daylight hours.
  13. Could we also impose a law then to impound and crush cars with open diffs... nobody likes to see a pov pack burnout.
  14. All doof doof cars (with their owners inside) should be immediately taken to the nearest wreckers yard and crushed
  15. Ban all tissue boxes and cusions from rear parcel shelves. How are you going to reach those? Replace with pointy hard objects for the next time you brake suddenly... :evil:

    All V8’s/V6’s and Hyundai Excels’ to be replaced with Fiat Cincequentos. Those who had orange/green/undermount u-v lights forced to have a pink Fiat Cincequento. Limited to 30km/h. :twisted:

    Ute’s – what’s the point? If you need to transport something, either get a truck or a trailer. If it can’t be covered, then it can fall out and hit me/bystander etc. Then there’s the issue of having 200bhp going through back wheels with all the weight at the front. I wonder why I see so many crashed into stobie poles in the middle of straight roads… Pink Fiat Cincequento. Limited to 30km/h. :twisted:

    City 4x4’s – what’s the point?!? If it isn’t a Troop Carrier or a Landcruiser/Landrover, then it won’t go offroad as the driver doesn’t want to scratch the paint. Real 4wd’s go offroad and scratch the paint. Those filled with little Johnny/shopping should be made to pay double the going rate at the pumps to subsidise the rest of us. :idea:

    All cars to be fitted with black boxes to record traffic infringements – ie. Running red lights, cutting other road users off, driving aggressively. Recorded offences to be dealt with by sending the Wiggles round to visit the offender and give them a wedgie before making them do the latest song with them, in public. If that doesn’t work, then an instant electric shock system might do the trick for repeat offenders. Turn the current up :twisted: .

    Driver’s points to be displayed visibly on the car/truck/ute so others can see what bad things they have done in the past and what they might do in the future and hence avoid them. Failure to display will result in a Fiat Panda (one up from the Cinquecento). :LOL:

    Make an actual driving test mandatory across Australia :shock: . None of this logbook sh*te which leaves the door open to blatant manipulation of the system. Then people in places like Adelaide might actually understand the laws of the road when it comes to right of way, merging, traffic lights etc. At least they wouldn’t have an excuse when the Wiggles come round to deliver the wedgie. :LOL:

    All cars to be fitted with dusk sensing lights. Just because you can see all the other cars with their lights on, doesn’t make yours optional. :roll:

    Busses have to give way to everyone else and can’t push into traffic.
    Busses are given double points/fines for offences.
    Busses running red lights will automatically cause the driver to loose his/her licence.
    Busses to have their accelerator pedals limited to 50% depression to reduce the number of sudden stop/starts and old grannies having to pick themselves up off the floor. This occurring would also result in automatic loss of licence.
    Busses to have an inward facing exhaust into the drivers “cockpit†– that way the driver will get a healthy dose of diesel fumes and “not see what the issue is†with belching them out in our faces when we ride/are pedestrians.

    I’m not a fan of busses…
  16. Hmm thats an interesting idea :?
  17. Nah you just stop giving licences to anyone that requires a limited slip diff or traction control to accelerate from a standing start without wheelspin.
    It's not the open diff that's the problem (in fact serious drivers prefer them) ;).
  18. I *hate* those people that try to cut up the left lane and then don't accelerate!

    I only have a Corolla wagon, but damn, im a lead foot and can take off 90% of other cars at a set of lights. Annoys me when people cut in front and it's WORSE when im on the bike and they do it!
  19. It's a bloody good idea.

    Who do we suggest it to?
  20. :LOL: love it