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So what is there to do in Brisbane?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Since someone else is paying the airfare I figure I may as well stop and spend a few days in Brisbane rather than just passing through like I've done the last few times.

    So for those that live there, or have been there before, what's worth seeing?
    I'll most likely be getting there late on the 22nd of July, probably fly out again on the 26th or 27th. Not sure though whether to spend all that time in Brisbane or try and see a few other places as well. Open to suggestions as to good places to see/stay, also be good to try and meet up with any NR's that have nothing better to do ;).

    Oh and what's traffic normally like in Brisbane? I've only seen between the Airport and Hamilton and that was either night or early morning so not sure whether to rent a car or try and rely on public transport/taxis.

  2. jd .. I guess you are better off cashing in that ticket and spending it on your bike :p
    I just knew Victoria was 'the place to be' :LOL:
    Come on Queenslanders, you must have somethin to offer :?
  3. Be nice, but that's not an option. I'm spending a week up at Isa so do have to go through Brisbane, just a question of whether I delay the return flight or not this time.
  4. Definitely plenty to do in and around Brissie.

    Traffic is generally good if you're not a wageslave on the way to or home from work - as a tourist, just avoid rush hour and you'll be fine.

    Pity bike hire is so expensive, 'cos you'd probably have a lot more fun on a bike than in a car. Still, plenty to do.

    What do you *like* to do? Beaches, galleries, markets, museums, zoos/aquaria, etc.? Any guidance will make the task of suggesting something more managable.
  5. Small thread hijack - Hey, it's on-topic! Ish...

    What's bike parking like near Southbank Parklands and the City Botanical Gardens? I've heard that some of the parking towers in the city offer free secure motorcycle parking, but none of the websites say which or where... :-k
  6. Well any science/technology based museums are always good, and if there's any breweries/distillaries doing tours that's also good (not driving to Bundaberg but I know they make rum in Beenleigh).
    Was also thinking of making a day trip to the Gold Coast just to see the indycar circuit - though if there's nothing else down there but beaches/nightclubs I might not bother.
    Could probably spend a day in the city I suppose, maybe see if there's any decent 2nd hand bookshops. Might even wander over to Queensland Uni to check out the competition.
    Sounds like a rental car is the way to go so if there's any interesting drives/scenery in the area that's also good. Obviously a cheap rental car isn't exactly fun but always looking for a chance to get some nice photos.
  7. Well, you could always visit my in-laws....

  8. Actually, it's not that dull. the old fella has some pretty interesting stories to tell about how he lost bits of himself crashing old Brit singles in his youth. :wink:

    I think there's some sort of museum around Southbank isn't there?
  9. If you do make it to UQ I'd definitely love to buy you a coffee.

    The museum complex in Southbank is pretty cool - the science centre is more a kids activity centre type thing but there are some pretty cool exhibits in the museum proper. The XXXX brewery is in Milton, fairly close to the city, not sure what they do in terms of tours.
  10. XXXX tour at brewery on Milton Rd.
  11. I see the museum has a WW1 tank - that's enough to get me there. Brewery tour sounds good, despite popular opinion in Victoria I actually reckon XXXX is pretty good (for a mass-produced domestic beer).

    Bravus I wouldn't mind catching up for a chat, given your area of expertise I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on how to attract more students to science (and talk about bikes of course).
    You don't know any of the academics over in the Metallurgy/Mining Engineering department by any chance?
  12. Go to Fulcher Road in Red Hill.

    Yeah yeah, I know, it's the home of the Broncos but I swear to you the food there is phenomenal plus you get to bask in Bronco goodness :)

    It's a place I visit each and every time I'm in Brisbane or QLD for that matter.
  13. Milton for the XXXX Brewery and Lang Park - pay homage to Wally Lewis! Park Road Milton is the best place for coffee - look for the Eiffel tower.

    Southbank has the Museum and Gallery of Modern Art - the Picasso exhibition should still be on. Then walk to West End for all the good 2nd hand book stores. Catch a CityCat and cruise up and down the river. Test ride some bikes - plenty of shops around! Go to the Breakfast Creek Hotel for a steak. Hang out at the Treasury Casino and play Roulette.

    For anything else check out www.ourbrisbane.com.au - has all that is going on everywhere in the South East.

    Depending on how far you intend to go, you could use the buses/ferries and trains to get around.
  14. Interesting about the parking in the city towers, I've never heard about that. There is free bike parking in the CBD, about 200 official parks according to the courier mail. I dunno if that is counting all the bikes crammed under the off ramps of the riverside. There is also parking alongside the river at the bottom of QUT which I'm fairly sure is free. That is an easy 10 min walk from the city gardens and 15 from southbank.

    As for what to do... A run up the river on the City cat at night is worth it imho. The museum has some cool things, including the tank you mentioned. The powerhouse at newfarm is fairly interesting, there is free music and comedy there every Sunday arvo/night. I'd vote the sunshine coast over the goldie for a beach run, if you can afford the time to get up there. You could even stay the night, it will be the off season and school holidays will have finished. There are 2 art museums if that is your thing.
  15. Well apart from having to spend a night in Townsville looks like I'm all booked for Brisbane :grin: .

    Found some accommodation in Dutton Park which I'm hoping isn't a crappy area of the city. Looked to be pretty close to public transport and most of the sights though so means I can probably do without renting a car (which is good because I hate driving in cities).
  16. There's the science centre (http://www.southbank.qm.qld.gov.au/sciencentre/) which is at one end of South Bank. More a kids thing but I drag my neice every now and then just so I can have some fun.

    If you don't have a chance to get down the coast (full of blockheads mostly anyway) there's the Castlemaine (XXXX) Brewery in Milton (http://www.lion-nathan.com.au/Great-Brands/Producing-Great-Drinks/Brewery-Tours.aspx#T1)

    Indy circuit isn't much - just starter lines on a road, but if you're into that sort of thing then you'll probably enjoy it.

    Then there's all the theme parks (on the highway towards the coast) http://www.tourismgoldcoast.com/tours_themeparks.html

    Oh and not to forget the Sunshine Coast (north) which will lead you too Beerwah - home of the late crocodile hunter http://www.australiazoo.com.au/

    Hope this was of some assistance, and enjoy your stay in warm and sunny Brisbane
  17. Dutton Park is only a quick bus trip into the city, passing Southbank on your way. Might be a Lions game on - you're walking distance to the Gabba. Some great places to eat on Gladstone Road - that's the main road thru Dutton Park.

    Hope we've given you a few ideas to pass the time!
  18. Yeah thanks everyone for the tips, I'm sure I'll find plenty to do.
    It's always better to hear from real people than rely on tourist information.
  19. Oh! And don't forget the Story Bridge climb - mate of mine said it was amazing!