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So what happened to you today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. (I stole this thread idea from another forum I frequent - let's see if it has legs here)

    Had to bring the cage in this morning because my daughter had to be dropped off at school early for an excursion. The traffic has been managable the past couple of weeks because of school holidays, but yesterday and today all the parents whose kids are too precious to ride the bus meant massive delays. Took something like 90 minutes to make a journey that is 40 on the bike in heavy traffic and 20 on the bike in no traffic.

    Missed the bike all day, and am looking forward to the trip home in the cage not at all. But I have a bastarding headache, so probably wouldn't have been at my best on the bike. That was probably because I had my annual performance review meting this arvo. It actually went pretty well, but it stressed me a bit.

    I did write 4000 words of a book chapter today though, so that leaves me with a sense of achievement... ;)

    I think the plan is (1) drive home, (2) take serious headache drugs, (3) go for an evening ride.
  2. Rode to work today as usual, which as usual was the pre-5pm highlight of the day (yep, even though it's riding in heavy city traffic). Work was the usual soap-opera with the client making huge mountains out of molehills, but it's almost time to get outta here, so that's good.

    Funnily enough, I was on the other side of the coin here. Had to perform a performance review today, and even though I gave the guy probably a bit higher rating than he deserved, he asked me why it wasn't even higher...cheeky bugger! ;)

    Tonight I think I just need to chill with a couple of glasses of red. Mmmm, looking forward to it already!

    Have a good one all!

    Butz. :beer:
  3. The F3 was closed between Hornsby and the Hawkesbury because some prize fcuking retard managed to crash on a straight, 3-lane freeway. After I rejoined the F3 from the Pacific Highway, I had to deal with kilometre after kilometre of idiots in the right hand lane, inching along at 70-100, quite evidently in fear of their lives because there had been a nasty chemical spill of dihydrogen monoxide on the freeway. I hear that stuff is like oil when it gets on the roads; just no traction whatsoever. Traffic slowed to a crawl again where some muppet had gone off on the gentlest of bends near Gosford. I wasn't quite sure why, given that the road had evidently been cleared hours ago. Meanwhile, I completed what part of my journey I could at 130, in my 30 year old car with bad tyres, and nary a hint of understeer or aquaplaning was noticed.

    If you were on the F3 today, I hate you :evil:
  4. Packed my bike with enough stuff for six days,leaving tomorrow- checked the weather site one hundred times hoping that the forecast would change from heavy showers to ... bloody not heavy showers.
    Went to the bottle'0 for a couple of longnecks then sat down and typed this.
  5. Just another day...

    Today I left my house at 9am to catch the train to uni. I went to the tutorial where I learnt SNMP and MRTP configuration for Ubuntu. I also configured two cisco routers with serial interfaces and a VPN between them for a group project. I went to subway with the "IT boyz" from uni for lunch.

    Came back to uni for a lecture on "project failure rates" and how it can be avoided. I then went to a seminar to consult with other team members in developing the functional requirements document for our client. I then discussed ways in which we can modify the existing database to speed up access and developed an ERD from the metadata of MySQL.

    I came home on the train where it was soooooo packed. I have approx 10 minutes to shave and shower and then im out the door to catch another train to work at jay jays in crown till 12am. I get droped off home by a close mate at 12.30am and fire up my downloads for the night. At this stage I have a good wank and hit the sack where I have a short sleep and start the process again.
  6. Spent all day editing video footage for docu thats due in tomorrow :cry:
  7. I commuted on the Katana for the first time today since I only registered it yesterday. Only rode as far as the Zoo where we had a planning day in one of the conference rooms - we've just been "restructured". No mobile phones, no computers, reasonably good lunch provided - all in all pretty good.

    Very pleasant walk around the Zoo at lunch time looking at the animals. Surprisingly the day actually appeared to achieve something (normally these types of things are a complete :jerk: )

    We finished early and I rode the Kat home again - funny that, it was only a 5k ride there from Brunswick but it turned into a 30k ride home. :LOL:
  8. today was
    SSS as usual to start
    no brekkie as usual but a coffee and donut for morning smoko
    sanger for lunch after hassled morning dealing with the Tax man (don't ask)
    compuder hassles this arv..broken by a factory walk around
    and a coffee
    and after 11 hours of pretty much the same as yesterday
    its off home in 10mins... :grin:
  9. Nice idea, Bravus (all the best ideas are stolen, err, plagiarised :LOL:)

    Being casual employees of the NSW Education Department, both Mrs Hornet and myself are on holidays. Yay, I hear you say, plenty of riding!
    Well, no actually; that bit of sunshine in my Uncle Hornet's Pedal Seminar thread pictures is the first we've seen for over a week. But it was enough for me to get out and scarper up to TFRPS for a quick coffee, so the day had some achievement about it....
  10. left the BF's house this morning, drove home, went to the RTA, put the bike onto my etag....sick of filling out the notices for the bike.
    Took the flatmate out to look at bikes (currently has no licence...speeding in his car) 33yo male who wants a naked bike bigger than a 250 to learn on.
    Then went to work training dogs and now Im about to go back to work running a puppy school. I have such a hard job!
    Then back home to pack for a trip to melbourne tomorrow
  11. Rostered Day Off!!! Huzzah!

    Clambered out of bed at 9am and got in touch with Mike from OCD Racing in Oakleigh to fix up my rear brakes. The mechanics in Healesville who put a Pilot Power on my Hornet on Saturday hadn't quite put the brake pads back right :mad: ... All fixed and on my way to the hills before lunch, heading out to The Basin - Olinda - Seville - Warburton etc.

    For some unexplained reason the speed limits had been put back to 100 on the Reefton (they were 60 on Saturday) and aside from one logging truck I had the whole stretch to myself. Magic.

    The Black Spur was also pristine and fairly quiet: a couple of L-platers were buzzing up and down and I followed a guy on a Fireblade for a bit. Sadly, on my last run, heading back out to Healesville I came round a corner to find a parked car and a woman waving her arms in the air... trouble ahead. Sure enough Mr Fireblade had run into trouble... Some bozo in a truck had attempted a u-turn not far from a blind corner that Fireblade was whizzing around at the time and he's slid off trying to avoid a collision. Bike was scratched up but rider was ok, just a bit shakey so I escorted him back to Healesville.

    Headed home through Ringwood and bought a puncture repair kit (...wish I'd had one on Satdee). And finished off my ride with a verbal stoush with a wally driving-and-texting on Huntingdale Rd!

    Love my days off, Love my Hornet, Love my soon-to-be-home gf...

    Life is good!
  12. [Being a bit of the devil´s advocate] Including you?[/being a bit of the devil´s advocate]


    Will :wink:
  13. Spent 20 minutes sighing and looking at the bike that I bought a week ago, which I have now ridden twice because it hasn't stopped f*cking raining.

    Then got in the car and went to work. On the plus side, it's a Mazda 3 MPS - almost undrivable on wet roads :shock:
  14. Came in to the office at 7.20 am

    Still in the office now at 7 pm

    Miss Peaches like crazy :( Dreaming of twisties now, a bit delirious, my mobile phone looks good enough to eat. Starving.

    Would kill for a sandwich. Or my bike. Or both.

  15. Just another day ..
    Got up around 6:30, coffee, cigarette, got geared up and rode to work. Mornings are beginning to get a bit cool, glad I bought the neck warmer last week. Damn visor fogging up bad, gotta leave my visor up a notch (my lips are bloody freezing).
    Was a quiet day at work, did around 5 RWC tests and made a start on a head-job that come in later that day. ( NOT that kind of HJ either :roll: )
    Checked out NR in spurts during the day. I am told by Bubbles that She and her better half were a few doors up getting their bike looked at. I told her I look forward to meeting them when they come back to get their RWC. Also made a promise to make one of the wednesday coffee nights soon :)
    Left work a little early ( 5:40pm ) << yep thats early
    Decided to take a different route home, only to find it was worse ( traffic at a standstill on Thompsons Rd :evil: ) So I pass the single lane of traffic on the LEFT :shock: .. yeah I know :roll:
    Got home around 6:00, slapped the wife, kicked the dog, poured a nice red and sat here checking out this place :p

    PS: I really didn't kick the dog :LOL:
  16. PS- If any kind netrider soul would be so caring as to give me a ham and cheese sandwich along with a ride home on their bike, I'd be more than happy to thank you with a beer or two later. :cool:
  17. is it just me, but whenver i'm feeling a bit sick if i jump on the bike for a blat.. it makes me feel slightly better :S
  18. Spent my morning doing school stuff with the kids, then went to the gym for a grouse workout. Had a bit of a nana nap this afternoon and off to work this evening, riding the viffer thru peak hour traffic. Dont finish till 11, by then the roads are pretty clear, and it is usually a nice ride home.
  19. Got up at 8 and had Vegemite toast and coffee like every other morning.
    Studied/Procrastinated for my midsem exam this arvo.
    Rode to Uni at 11.30 for a Tutorial, got an assignment back
    More study/procrastination for a few hours
    Lunch/arvo tea sitting in the sun watching a frisbee game
    Ride home
  20. [Being a bit of the devil´s advocate] Including you?[/being a bit of the devil´s advocate]

    Nicely spotted, Will! My excuse for this rank hypocrisy is that this was a very rare event because of the excursion - the vast majority of the time my little darlings ride the bus.