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So what example do the Police set?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ozzyfzr, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Sorry but I have to get this off my chest!!

    Everyday I commute from Northern Brisbane to the City via the Bruce Highway and Gateway Motorways, nearly every day I see bikers riding in the so called "no lane" on the nearside to get thru traffic jams (outside of the lane markings). I know this is an offence that attracts a $75 on the spot fine for riding outside of lane.

    Well this morning at approx 7:15am I sat in the normal peak hour car-park and saw a guy on a ZZR600 weave his way thru traffic passed me and onward, then a few cars ahead, I saw him move to the nature-strip side of the white line on the LH side of the road, when!!!!!!!! at approx 110KPH a police motorcyclist in the same position as the offending rider sling-shotted up the LH side of the road and chased down the guy on the ZZR, and stopped him!!!!!!

    I am absolutely dismayed that the Police Motorcyclists broke the LAW himself by riding in the forbidden area! but at a considerable speed with wanton disregard for his own safety in the pursuit of someone only getting out of the way of idiot car drivers and an ever-increasing traffic problem on the Gateway Motorway.

    It makes my blood boil that the Police ride with such carelessness when they should be setting an example!! lets face it on a BMW with all those panniers flashing light stalks and garbage in his panniers, what chance would he have stood if a car pulled off to the left for a breakdown and hit the idiot cop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll tell ya his mates would turn up and they would do the driver for not looking before turning! thats what.

    Also if they wish to convey safe riding, why do they ride around in short sleeve shirts! no leathers etc etc etc. They should be setting examples to us all, not blatantly rubbing our noses in it!!!!!!!!!!

    I say free up the LH nature strip for bikes and let us have safe and free passage, at moderate speed!!!!!!!!!!

    The only thing I regret was not taking his number and reporting him to his OIC
    My rant over

  2. Agree completely.

    A cop busted me at 125kmh and he sped up way past that to catch up to me. I should've written him a ticket for going 25kmh over the limit also.

    If it's unsafe for me to drive that fast, it should be for him also.

    The police have an exemption to break any damn rule they please, in Victoria the legislation doesn't say it has to be necesary for doing a job.

    I've got a few cop mates and they break road rules all the time for some good reasons.
    -sometimes they see a suspicious car and will catch upto it and just punch in the rego to see the go. however they won't light anything up until they're ready to pull them over
    -they talk on the phone all the time, but they're allowed to. Vicpol are too cheap to buy them handsfree's.

    They do very intensive rider and driving courses which more than prepare them for breaking the road rules.

    Stop whinging and if you have to, complain to the appropriate body. They'll just thank you for your concern, basically tell you to piss off.

    BTW, if you're one of those idiots who always gets up in arms about them breaking the road rules. I hope it's you who has to keep waiting when the Police/Fire/Ambo's are too busy following road rules to get to your situation.
  3. GASP!!!!

    You actually saw a cop doing his job. How dare he!!!

    As fragile as your little ego is to admit it, the cop is actually trained to and allowed to do what he just did to catch someone. They are also allowed to talk on their mobiles whilst driving an emergency vehicle. Oh No!! Won't somebody think of the children!!!!!!!!!

    Here are some more indignat exlcamation marks for you, you whiney little so and so...

  4. +1, doesn't someone have an avatar that says 'Oh, no, not this crap again?"
  5. No, he didn't. As a cop he has an exception that allows him to do such things in order to do his job.

    What will you biatch about next. Look out Elmarco, I see someone waging war on Fireys using water during restrictions. :shock: :LOL:
  6. Well 4 responses all agreeing that the cop should be able to speed to catch a rider who was obviously trying to avoid the traffic jam and be on his way!!

    Oh and lets see, Tuesday I saw a ZRX1200 knocked off his bike near Anzac Ave, Wednesday Hornet 900 off at the D'Bay off ramp, another on Thursday etc etc,

    I ride on weekends and love bikes, but mixing it with cars in heavy traffic is a recipe for the above without the need to keep looking in ya mirrors for a cop when riding in an area to be safer, I am only saying that these matters need to be addressed before we all become statistics, and getting done for riding outside a lane on the LH side is an arse!!!!!

    I am not a fuggin do-gooder etc etc just someone who wants fairness for bikers, but you obviously missed the point!
  7. I'm sorely tempted to lock this.......
  8. " No your honor, I was unable to prevent the accused from beating up the little old lady as I was stuck at an intersection unable to proceed right due to my bike not triggering the right turn arrow".
    " I was, however, ( thanks to a truck that pulled in behind me ), able to get there in time to direct traffic around the victim as she lay face down in the middle of the road"
  9. i think the outstanding obsevation here is that the cop seemingly took a big risk to pull up a rider for something that a majority of us riders would consider to be ridiculous.we often complain about being done for little things whilst other behaviour demonstated by cages which endanger our lives,goes unchecked.
    i couldnt give a shit what the cops do on the road as long as they dont put me in danger.you wanna break the law on the roads?join the police force..
  10. Thank you Interloper, you have conveyed what I have been trying to say, only in better words.
  11. Problem is it's been said umpteen times and comes across as nothing but a whinge which in all reality it is. :roll:
  12. What's wrong with a whinge?
  13. I spose as a rider they could be setting a somewhat less than perfect example, but they do have a job to do.
    Now, if you were a career drug dealer/ importer/manufacturer, I am sure their actions could be quite inspiring........

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. here you go paul...

  15. Please feel free .....
  16. What would be your thoughts if it was a cage doing it?

    I can hear it now, "saw this dumbass cager..........endangering life...........got what he deserved......" blah, blah, .................. :roll:

  17. What....you saying there's a double standard amongst riders? I won't hear of it! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.