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So what ever did happen to ghost rider?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tomek, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. I heard a few rumours one of which him splitting through traffic and being collected...

    Any news?

  2. who cares?
  3. ~apparently~ those rumours were intentially spread to gt the paris police to call off their search for him...
  4. I do... reason i posted it.
  5. lol how unusual,'rumours' of him being dead,i think they started just after he made his 1st movie a few years ago,he's doing pretty well for a dead bloke to be churning out movies still :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Ghostrider is actually Elvis.
  7. Actually you've mistaken GR with the Black Prince :wink:
  8. and his mechanic is bigfoot.
  9. I think that the ghost rider isnt just 1 person these days.... Im downloading his new movie right now. ( I havent seen any of them yet.)
  10. Yeah it is,his name is Patrik Furstenhoff :wink:
  11. Patrik Furstenhoff would be a alias maybe? Because you would think that the police would have hunted him down by now? ... Maybe im wrong.
  12. Oooooh, this looks like a good topic....


    Sorry, I thought it was "goat rider."
  13. "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated"

    Mark Twain

    Actually, given that the rider cannot positively be identified on the bike, he could be anyone, or several people, or perhaps, The Hoff :LOL:
  14. Hornet's almost right, Ghostrider is actually three different people. The Hoff, CHuck Norris and Mr T all take turn to do the movies. The head mechanic for the GR team is MacGuyver, cos he can fix anthing. The camera men are Elvis Presley, Bon Scott and Osama... (you see, that's why the US can't him).
  15. LOL - that would be AWESOME!
  16. I saw ghost rider at a 7-Eleven in Brunswick.
  17. YES! :grin: THE HOFF!!!

    hahahahhahaahaaaa thats a good one.
  18. That reminds me did anyone catch the name of one of the Olympic ski jumpers?

    I kid you not his name was Peter Fartunov unfortunately he did not live up to his name and was eliminated in the first round. :LOL:
  19. Still can't beat the Amercian Olympic swimmer Misty Hymen...

    He He He...
  20. Google it and see.Any reference or pics of Patrik on the GR forum get deleted within hours of being posted in most cases :wink: The story goes that the coppers know full well who it is but cant prove anything cos they cant catch him on the bike.