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So what else floats your boat??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nobby, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. OK well it's easy to see you all enjoy your motorbikes, but what else do you enjoy, I know some you will say either sex or alcohol, (or both) so without the stating the obvious, what else floats your boat?

    Me .. I'm enjoying learning more about digital photography, and I also enjoy sailing if and when I can get the time to crew.
  2. I enjoy working on my Ford Fairmont, tweaking it here and there and modifying as money comes in (or fixing when shit hits the fan). I also like my grass...cut it twice a week (if needed...especially with current weather) and making sure it is green and lush...I hated the state it was in when it was all burnt :(.

    EDIT: by grass I mean my lawn...not weed (as much as I would be happy with both ;) )
  3. :LOL: That first sentence was BEGGING for a smart-aleck response; just as well you added the second :LOL:.

    I guess it sounds trite, but our little grandson turns two in a few weeks, and lives within walking distance, so we see a lot of him, and he's pretty-much the hobby of the decade for us.
  4. I enjoy driving in certain circumstances. I think I've mentioned off road V8 buggies previously, some of the most fun i've ever had while piloting something with an engine and wheels. I've never done base jumping and probably never will, so having said that I can't think of anything that even plays the same game as bungee jumping. Absolutely nuts.
    sleeping. sleeping really does it for me.
    music. Would love to do a music theory course at uni.
    girlfriend. She's awesome.
  5. I have 3 guns, casual shooter rather then hunter etc. Got a pistol, rifle and shotty - covers all bases ;).

    I fly model aircraft, i have 7 lol. Want a scale jet one some day. I am very slowly (due to the amount i work) working on my private plane licence - just so me and a few friends/mrs can come up too.

    Bit of a geek computer wise, far too many computerised things around me... but im always able to walk away from them when ive had enough :p.

    Speaking of floating boats... ive got a 25 foot alleycraft with a 225hp mercruiser (and yammy 70hp backup) that i dont do anything with these days due to work... but keep it relatively well maintained - will be more useful with the next job in Gladstone ;). Days off im SO going out to heron island and the like. Also used to have a 18' stingray catamaran which was fantastic and hugely fast... good for sheltered waters... but it was a plywood hull and just became far too much effort to maintain.

    Erm... yeah i think thats about me :p. Big movie buff... hate TV... lol.
  6. I like to strap planks on my feet and throw my self off tall snow covered mountains,
    Down hill skiing, upper Intermediate,

    Have a 14 foot paper tiger catarmaran, with 20 foot sail, over powered like buggery, But its fast, Getting thrown off when it starts cartwheeling is fun,

    Building a 40 foot steel catarmaran for when I retire,
    2400 square feet of sail, all hydraulically operated,
    two 700 HP diesels, 3 days powered,
    virtually unsinkable, 8 water tite bulkheads,
    37,5 knots on one motor,
    28 inch props, home made, Myself,
    Hull speed 54,
    Total gross weight 17 tons,
    Draught 750 mm
    Displacement, Minimum, 114 tons,

    Dancing 56 Rock and Roll, ( Rockabilly,)

    My garden, I like flowers,

    And the obvious one as well. Hahahahahahha
  7. Nice mate.
    Thought about a yacht with all self furling lines etc... Had my catamaran and i decided that for on the open water i just wanted something i could start the engine and put the damn thing in gear and go :D.
  8. Just found out today I have a 6 year old daughter I didn't know about.. torn between homicide and happiness..

    Other than that.. gaming..
  9. Don't know about you, but I find proper leak proof construction and a body of water brilliant for floating my boat.
  10. apart from bikes, just boobs.
    big ones, little ones, saggy ones, pert ones
    not realy fussed, all varieties.
  11. On the odd occasion when we dont go riding, we go four wheel driving on some pretty scary mountain tracks. Other than that, we love our music (Doom metal) and are into Medieval Fayres and the like.
  12. Can you make one of those for me?
  13. Why steel, if I may ask. Electrolysis will be a bugger to control.
  14. Yep, $750,000-00 AUD, Fully surveyed,
  15. I have two of these one on the road the other in bits.
  16. Sacrificial anodes and two Pak paint,

    I was going to build it out of stainless, But it work hardens and the plates will eventually fall out of it, So that killed that idea.

    It has a 3 inch exposed keel so I can put it down on reefs and beaches with out damage, So the tide goes out and leaves it high and dry,

    Its built to do the Kimberlys in first, and then around the world if I still like living on it,

    I will have a MIG on board so that I can get work anywhere I go, Prawn trawlers,fishing boats, ETC,

    And if I do punch a hole in it, I can run it up on a beach and weld a patch in it before the next tide comes in,

    Its also designed to withstand a category 5 Cyclone,
    Not that I want to be in one,

    No other material will stand up to these very severe Stresses,

    It is an ocean going vessel, not an offshore one,
  17. If it's got bike storage on board, I volunteer for "Cabin Boy"!
    Just don't call me Roger... ;)
  18. I'm into dog sports - primarily agility (sort of an obstacle course: jumps, tunnels, etc...).
  19. Fitness and health. I spend four nights a week in the gym and often very active during the weekend. I'm currently in the process of becoming a personal trainer. I start my actual training and testing soon.

    I work in IT so that interest follows me home as well. Usually playing with something gadget related, online gaming, designing and coding websites etc. A small project I'm working on at the moment is developing a mobile theme for the vBulletin forum software - the same software used by NR.