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So what else do you do for fun?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by WGM, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. It would be fair to say that if you are a NetRider Member you love motorbikes and range somewhere between comfortable and geek when it comes to computers.

    To get to know your fellow riders, lets find out more. What else floats your boat? What do you do for fun with your friends who don't ride? What other hobbies or activities ignite the spark inside?

    For me it is music. In particular singing. I am in a choir of about 14 people and sing a range of songs from 20's swing numbers, gospel songs, ACDC (we do a great version of long way to the top), modern numbers, latin classics.

    Your turn!

  2. For me it's socialising with friends ( other couples ), Spending weekends at Lake Eildon, boating, water skiing, drinking etc..
  3. Most of my "spare" time is spent with the immediate family. I've got two kids under 4, with one of those just crawling.

    The only hobby I've got these days is Brewing and even that has been wound back to extracts rather than all grain.
  4. Oh you don't know how right you are...
    For me Sailing is my other big hobby at the moment. I crew on an Adams 10.6 out of Royal Victoria Yacht Club. I am the bowman on the boat, which definitely keeps me on my toes so to speak.
    Other than that, a Bit of Computer gaming, and as much socialising as I can fit in (Especially when it includes good wine, good food, and good chocolate).
    The Hobby that I am looking at getting back into is rock climbing. I have done a fair bit of indoor and a little outdoor in the past, but I think I might get back into it.
  5. Triathlon, although much more socially now than in years past.
  6. - camping.
    - 4WDing.
    - Xbox 360.
    - and will shortly begin a sorta restoration, upgrade project on an old ute.

    ... when I finish Star Wars LEGO on the 360, obviously :p
  7. +1 :LOL:

    As for me, my other major interest outside of bikes, my work and most importantly, my kids, would be my band.
  8. And of course when Indiana Jones LEGO comes out...
  9. Oooh yeah, got that on my shopping list :grin:
  10. My life is pretty much a trifecta of bikes, writing and Kung Fu. I also work as a Personal Trainer to help pay the bills. All those things are as much hobbies as jobs and it's taken me a long time to set myself up so that I can pursue the things I love full time.

    In my downtime it's all about reading, movies and XBox. And a bit of getting out into nature from time to time.

  11. You're extremely lucky to be able to turn your hobbies into work. :wink:
    I envy you .
    Well Done
  12. I'm a geeeeeeeeeeeeek and a nerd, but I still manage to have hobbies. Well sort of.

    I've been playing paper RPG for 12 years and actually worked for a rpg company in France. Yes, I also used to paint silly miniatures.
    I used to do Muay Thai but I don't have the time anymore.
    Paintball and go kart are much enjoyed activities.
    I'm into body mods as well and I'm part of a suspension team.
  13. Apart from bikes I love Camping, 4x4 and long romantic walks on the beach. :LOL: Just kidding on the last one, I hate sand!

    Also I am addicted to online poker. :grin:
  14. Apart from riding the bike, of course I'm often tinkering with it.

    I have a 4wd which is my other toy. Rebuilt it, and although it hardly ever gets driven, i'm often found under the bonnet

    When the weather suits, i can be found at Mt Boyce, Mt piddington or anywhere else around the blueys where there's trad rock climbing

    Otherwise i'm eating something, at the gym, training Kung-Fu or hanging out with my best friend, layla (My dog, great dane).

    If there's nothing else to do, I might be hiding behind my computer practicing some mindless violence (it's good for the soul)
  15. Most of my time is spent at work - which is fine because I actually enjoy my job.
    Free time is tied up fairly heavily with either the bike or the car, but I do like to cook and make homebrew fairly regularly. Of course I also enjoy travelling to new places to see what food/booze they have to offer, I like stealing other peoples recipes and tweaking them :).
    If I'm not feeling lazy or gluttonous I'll spend some time in the gym or get out and do some hiking or mountain biking.
  16. i've got 1 3yr old boy who's pretty full on :) and another due any day now. well was on monday so we ar just waiting now :p

    i am going to be playing baseball again next summer so looking forward to that. love paintballm reading fantasy books, xbox360 (mainly halo3) , play netball and trying to motivate to do exercise at home :p
  17. When I can spare the time from family and domestic duties, I disappear into the shed to make inordinate quantities of swarf and scrap metal on a lathe and milling machine that followed me home one birthday :grin: . After much practice I'm still rather crap at producing anything useful, but I am getting better (slowly).

    I also fancy building a small boat to go with the elderly Seagull outboards that I'm attempting to restore at the moment.

    Pipe dream when time, finances and body weight allow is to build and fly a light aircraft. To this end, I'm amassing a collection of plans for small, VW powered single seaters (Jodel D9, KR1, Teenie Two etc.) which are about the limit of my ambitions.

    Then there's the more immediate K100 sidecar project, finishing the house roof replacement that's been on hold for 18 months, trying to turn the wasteland of a garden into something that's not a fire hazard and spying on the new neighbours to see if I'm going to have to drive them out.

    I keep busy but don't seem to achieve much :grin: .
  18. :jerk: Masturbation of coarse-speaking for 98% of the males of this website, and the other 2% who are lying :roll:
    Apart from that, snow skiing!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, and occassionally masturbating while snow skiing :LOL:
  19. I'll never be a rich man, unless someone recognises my novels in the way that Dan Brown or J K Rowling have been recognised!

    But I'd rather spend my life chasing/living my dreams than work for some carnt for forty years and then retire with a comfy pension and a lifetime of regrets.

  20. What school are you with?