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So what do you do to pay for your weekend activities?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Probably been done before but I've only been floating around for 6 months so.................

    What do you do to earn a living.

    Also a good chance for those self employed to self promote their business.

    I'll start the ball rolling.

    I work as a Mobiles Site Designer for a major Telco.

    Basically I get told build a tower/pole/etc here and put whatever they want inside the hut or room to make it all work. I then spend lots of their money to make it happen and somehow usually on time or early :shock:

    Sometimes I even manage to have some money left over for them but I never get to see any of it :cry:
  2. Well i'm in construction putting up expo's at Jeff's Shed and the Convention Centre.

    I help building the Air show, Car show, Bike show and soon Sexpo, oh yea i get to hang with the strippers oh yea oh yea
  3. im a secret government agent... pay me $50 and I will tell you what i do :p
  4. thats a really uni students statement :LOL:
  5. ah well, im not a uni student tho :p
  6. You can kind of guess what (ahem) 'work' I do for a living.
  7. I'm a Postie... As of ealier this week I HATE my job and I'm looking for new one...

    I have been in Aus Post for 5 years and 2.5 of them I have been wating for new SAFTY equipment (New helmet and wet weather gear). On top of that the policy has changed and Aus. Post don't give crap about their employes and customers any more!!
  8. I'm a casual relief school teacher.
  9. poor kids

  10. I work for Samsung Electronics Australia, main area of expertise is IT products, but I'm involved with the complete range of their products. Been to Korea and seen the factories, (awesome) and all!!
  11. That was my old job

    Ah the good old days

    :D :D :D

    Actually, they really sucked but I needed the money
  12. I'm an elite top secret commando. Skilled in Kung Fu, Kung Pow, Ka Ching, and Wan King. I am a finely honed tool, or as my fellow commandos say "you're a tool agent 86, a real tool". No higher praise than that, now is there?
  13. aka - a well know entity of 'negotiable affection' who frequents St Kilda on a Friday night.
  14. I'm a qualified Metallurgist though I also spent a couple of years working as an R&D Food Technologist. I'm now back at Uni as a full-time student trying to complete my PhD.
  15. programmer. :(
  16. haha deyago.

    i work as a storeman/admin for a security wholesaler in richmond.. ALARMCOM. there are a few other ones out there.. ness, das,bosch, security merchants, we are one of the bigger ones. branches in syd brissy perth and adelaide, and another 150 around the world.. supposebly

    and work fruit vege boy on the weekend for safeway

    i dont do much for my minimum wage.. :D
  17. First & Foremost I'm a Muso, bass player at the moment, but that doesn't really pay the bills.

    During the day a basically run a company that supplies parts to lifts companies nationally and into SE Asia.

    ME: I sell lift parts to lift companies.

    THEM: Really? What's it like?

    ME: Well, it's got its ups and downs, but mostly it's pretty uplifting!!!


    "Somebody stop me!!!!!"
  18. graphic designer for PADI (the scuba people) plus a bit of freelance work here and there.

    check out http://www.mccofnsw.org.au/a/99.html (bike related) for a really quick and nasty animated gif i did in about 5 mins yesterday :LOL:
  19. Are you doing your PhD in metallurgy?
  20. Armed cash in transit