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So what do you do for work?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by bambam_101, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Thought this may be an interesting topic. Not sure if its been done before (tried search but with no luck) and mods feel free to close if it has.

    So what do you do for a job? Do you like it? Does it satisfy you? Ill start.

    Im in the audio visual industry. I design, install and sell sound and vision systems. Home theatre, corporate function rooms etc. Not a bad job but ultimately not what I want to be doing in 10 years time!

    Whos next?
  2. After 16 years in IT sales, I'm now working as an IT support Teacher's Aide at a behaviour school in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Most job satisfaction I've had from any job outside the ministry; the kids call me 'The Computer Guy"!!!
  3. before the crash i did molecular biology/genetic research

    these days i teach adults beginer and advanced chess part time

    my main job is walking again and that's full time, plus part time cancer treatment

    im having trouble chosing future job and i have to make up my mind soon

    1 human rights lawyer

    2 film director

    3 jingles for tv commercials
  4. software engineer making video games :LOL:
  5. jeez, Jax, I though this was more your style


  6. Part-time lecturer, part time student (at least till I get this damn thesis finished) - probably also include a bit of research on the side as well.
    It's the sort of thing that I not only like doing, but I'm also good at. Couldn't be happier :grin: (though obviously wouldn't complain if they paid me more :LOL:)
  7. Hmm, I make stuff! We do exhibition displays, pull up advertising banners, acrylic signage, archival framing, mounting of images of all sorts of sizes onto various substrates etc.
    Sailmaker by trade, also a marine trimmer/motor trimmer.
    Health issues forced me out of the marine game.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. So when do we get to see "Netrider - the video game". I'm thinking a MotoGP style game featuring all your favourite (and least favourite) Netrider characters and bikes :LOL:.
  9. I work in house tech support for a smallish company (around 200 people in VIC). Team leader wants our team (only 3 of us) to get our MSCE, and he wants me to focus on something. When i focus on a particular field and get good at that i could be in for some reasonable money :D
  10. paul wrote

    [with a pic of a stump grinder]
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    yeah paul it is, but that happens in the bedroom and i DONT get paid for it
  11. I'm an IT technician in a catholic girls school in sydney (sounds naughty...)
  12. i have duff wrote
    oh my! it is naughty!

    have you ever got the wrong port hole?

    how about the holy floss?

    do the nuns wear sexy stuff under their loose outfits?

    huh? huh?

    ever been spanked with a ruler?
  13. Before my accident i was a Personal Trainer, and when all the bones heal i will hopefully go back to whipping people into shape!
  14. ahh, sohpie! go for a job at the catholic girls school with i have duff

    im gunna cut it out now. stump used up a weeks worth of rudness in 1 hour
  15. I am a second-year apprentice powerline worker.
  16. So I'm guessing your working conditions would be pretty shocking.

    Hornet will like that one I'm sure
  17. 24/7 slave to Azz :wink: until he gets better!
  18. Company i work for is a Truck and Bus parts business in Aust and NZ. I am the Branch Manager for the Sunshine branch here in Melbourne.

    And as for liking it, well the only bit i dislike is doing the kindergarden teacher part.. :?
  19. as long as he still gets a buzz out of it, his current conditions wouldnt matter
  20. disaster recovery management.......

    get to specialise in illness and death.......