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So what can I do to a CBR250RR?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by huzey, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Hey all, I've recently picked up a nice CBR. I've got a few extra bucks and I was wondoring what kind of modifications I can to to her...

    The only things I can think of, is a new exhaust, and ricing up the tacho's/footpegs etc. These are kind of lame, but it's all I can think of

    I've tried googling, so far come up with no luck. So if anyone can recomend me some mods to research please tell me :)

    Cheers, Rhys.

  2. Best thing you can do with it is get it serviced and learn to ride the wheels off it. Save the money spent on bling and spend it on riding courses.
  3. Unplug two spark leads. Now you have a twin with a lot more instant useable power :p.

    You have fairings, lot's of things to do with them...like take them off and streetfighter it :p. Replace your stock 'Captain Safety' indicators with better looking ones (perhaps even some flushmounts?).
  4. spend your extra money on a few bottles of inner circle black (75% alc.... bewdiful :wink: ) and keep yourself pissed enuff to make it look good?

    nar, no amount of inner circle could ever make a honda look good huh :(
  5. even though i'm only about to get my 250 next month, i'd say save the cash and put it towards the bike you buy whan you upgrade!
  6. Welcome to the forums SCR3WD - member since April and first post :cool:
  7. thanks champ...not my first post as i did post back then but i don't know what happened to it, also don't have internet at home so i have to use my parents every time i go there. i just found the welcome section and have introduced myself there too.
  8. Hey Rhys,

    I know I'm new here so probably shouldn't be posting this but I have a few aftermarket exhausts here and some other bits that you may be interested in for your CBR250RR. I would have PMed you but it won't let me until I have 5 posts. So PM me and hopefully it will let me reply :grin:

    It's a great forum by the way!
  9. Yeah those fairing upgrades look awesome, especially the tail section.

    The other thing you could do is save your money and spend it on modding a bigger bike when your off restrictions. But if that sound to sensible to you, there are always filters, bigger carbie, stickier rubber, maybe you could upgrade the rear shock. Oh but if you really want to make the bike faster... just add stickers. :) :grin: :)


    There is stuff from South Africa called Strooi 80% and it is made from straw. Or there is Barbed Wire... and yet is does come complete, wraped in barbed wire, the best choice if ever a bar fight was to break out, oh yeah that one is only 75%. :(
  10. put your spare fun coupons towards a decent jacket and helmet. $0.02
  11. best suggestion thus far...
    can't you just rip the thing off the front of the airbox to get a bit more out of em?... it'd be free
  12. 1. Get it serviced properly.
    2. Get a full carb rebuild and rejet for a new pipe.
    3. Buy some better safety gear.
    4. Spend your money on rider training or track days.
  13. All very sound advice.

    Wouldnt spend any money on it!! learnt the hard way on my car.

    spend it on riding gear, courses and new bike of course once your off your restrictions.

    that said if u really want to do something to it.......buy that tiga body kit, oh it looks nice!!!
  14. Put your spare cash into riding lessons and protective gear and anything left from that put towards your next bike.
  15. Save the money for all the fines you'll get. You can thank Steve Bracks for those.
  16. yeah, but the inner circle stuff tastes fantastic. if you just want something to kill your brains and rot your guts but dont give a rats how poisonous it tastes, go the polish pure spirit, thats 90% alc and tastes like draino in a bottle. after a few shots tho, you cant taste anything and a full bottle will ensure you dont taste anything for quite some time either :LOL:
  17. ride it, shine it, love it, hump it, take it to coffee nights, go for quiet romantic strolls in the bush with it, show it off to your mates, whisper sweet nothings to it .... anything you can do, you can do better with a bike :)
  18. Track days yehh :cool:
  19. cbr250rr

    A mate of mine had a CBR250RR. I remember him saying he took out the panel that restricted airflow in or to the airbox thus giving more airflow. Not sure if you would need a tune doing this as air/fuel mixture would change?