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So whaddya know about Laverdas?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MV, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. In the market for an upgrade in the next few months & I have a few bikes in mind, (but I'm always open to suggestions! :grin:) namely:

    TL1000S, TRX850, an old duke, Aprillia SL1000 Falco, etc etc.

    I have been seeing some Laverdas around for sale, (apart from the triples of old) & just wanted to know more about them, are Laverda still going? Hard to get parts for? Still triples? Temperamental Italians?

    Their Wikipedia entry states that "Laverda is an Italian manufacturer of Combine harvesters and one-time a manufacturer of high performance motorcycles" Not a great start!

    Any info would be helpful, thanks in advance!

    BTW, if you have any bike suggestions, let me have it! Prefer character, not i4, budget around 7-10k.

    Cheers! :beer:
  2. At once stage I had lusted after a Laverda 668.

    Laverda is effectively defunct since the late 90's. There'd still be parts, but hard to get.
  3. Yeah, the 668 has piqued my interest, as well as the 750S. Their old stuff still take the cake, but that's out of reach at the moment!
  4. The company that owned Lavs in the '90s made parmarsin cheese mostly.

    Parts will be hard to come by, but being an Italian bike you'll find brakes, suspension & major bits shared with the other itlaian manufactureers like Ducati , Aprilia etc.

    I always liked small to mid capacity twins. Don't know why there aren't more about.....
  5. Considered Triumphs? Might be able to find some nice, mid-kms Daytona 675's for around the $10K mark this winter what with the updated 2009 675's coming to Australia in April.

    Saw an excellent condition, but repaired after a drop, Daytona 675 for $10000 with 10,000kms on the clock a short while ago.
  6. I owned an old twin. i.e a sf750

    The modern bikes are twins based on the old 500cc twin (not the old 750).

    At the time of its introduction laverda claimed the modern 750 was a completely different bike to the 668, but I think that may have been largely marketing.

    The engines were meant to be suspect in the bottom end. I'm not sure if this is a genuine fact or just one of those internet factoids. Look at some pommie sites. They are not worth anything over there and owners buy a second engine as a standby.

    The company has disappeared again. You will have to get parts out of England or Canada.

    All the running gear will be similar to other european makes.

    To own one would take more dedication than a Japanese bike. Also consider how hard it will be to unload.

    I wouldn't mind a 750S, but not as a first bike.
  7. Definantly considered the 675, but 10K is the upper limit at this stage :( Most that I have seen have been going for around 10-13K

    Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated!
  8. 955i

    I've seen some stupidly cheap ones on the market lately.

    I wouldn't go the TRX850 myself as they are getting a bit old. I had a brief ride of one and was quite disappointed. Not in the same league as the TL or the Falco.

    Also keep in mind people complain about Aprillia's parts back up. I looked at some when I bought the 'Tona. The suspension is quite stiff on the Falco too.

    You should also be able to get an SV1000 in that range or a VTR1000 (rode one of these too and would take the 'tona any day).
  9. Personally, (no offense :wink:) but I don't really like the look of the 955i, probably a great bike though. I know, I know, you don't look at the mantel piece when you're stoking the fire... But still. :grin:

    Looks like a Laverda might not be a great choice. The TRX is in lead for me at the moment, simply because it's a lot cheaper (~5-7K) than the others & there are heaps out there!

    The SV & VTR look like good options though, I might need to look into those a bit more.

    At this stage, the plan is to only keep it for a year or two, til I can afford a Sport Classic 1000.

    (Where's the confused emoticon?)

    Guess I better go & start a "Which Bike" thread!
  10. The trx is the closest in basic mechanical layout to the Laverda (ie its a parallel twin) and obviously is the cheapest out of the bikes you mentioned. But the other bikes you mentioned (esp the TL1000S) are much faster in a straight line if that's what is important to you. And ibast is right, trx's are getting on a bit now (the newest are almost 10 years old)...
  11. ha ha, spam, cough spam!

    J/K, the missus has her heart set on a Monster, so there's one on the way this year, but I'm first! :p (Can I take it for a spin anyways?)

    Nice bike though, good luck with the sale.

    Not a big fan of parallel twins, but the TRX gets in because of it's 270 degree crank. Straight line's not a huge factor, fun is though.
  12. If you are seriously considering a TRX 850, dont discount the Monster 750 as a viable option.

    The Monster has a bit less power and weight and is more comfortable. Stock, the Monster should have better suspension and brakes but I understand many TRXs have had these components upgraded.

    You could always ride it for a while and then give it to the missus later in the year and buy yourself something else :)
  13. There is a Zane Laverda group,late models are known as Zane,thats where they were made.on Yahoo.The best place to get a bike or info is your local Laverda club,or Laverdapedia.Butiful bikes but they have there problems,thats is the Zane bikes,the earlier ones are solid as a rock,just a bit faster
    buying one is a bit of a lottery,some last,some dont,there are parts avalable out of Germany for Zane bikes and the inthusius are working on ways to improve them,Aprila owns the name Laverda these days.The best place for parts for older bikes are the local clubs or Wolfgang in Canada,
    these bikes are a bit of a disese,once bitten and your on owner for life.The national Laverda rally is on in Bellangan in a couple of months.