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So we're back in the dual sport world

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by lil, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. We have a DR650 in the garage...Stookie decided dirt was more the order of this stage of our lives than road. Having recently moved more rural again, we have some fabulous adventure riding in our region so the Speed Triple has gone!

    With number 2 baby due to arrive this month, better options for taking the 4WD and camping with kidlets and one dual sport ;)

    It came with safari tank, upgraded suspension and a whole lot of other bits and pieces so it (shouldn't!!!) need anything extra.

    Would have bought another KLR, but we didn't want a new one and the older models were few and far between, hence the DR. I'm looking forward to taking it out for a spin!
  2. I just bet you are!

    best wishes with both new babies, Lil :).
  3. Congratulations! I love my DR650, such a great machine and so many things to upgrade!
    It wasn't the blue one on Perth gumtree with the staintune set up was it? If so you got a bloody good deal!
  4. dr650 > klr650
  5. +1
  6. ~Nice~

    Welcome back you guys :)

  7. Hey good to hear your back on the dark muddy side. I personally have only ever owned dr's. My first bike a Dr250 "00" and now my new/old toy a Dr650 "94". Have fun and might see ya down a track someday.
  8. Congrats on the new additions...
    DR is a good choice...next you'll have to put a chair on it :wink:
  9. Kernel, no it wasn't... too far to travel for a bike ;)
    Thanks Paul :) Still waiting on one of the newbies to arrive...bloody kids ;)
    Jimmy, Stookie keeps saying he was impressed with how well the DR handled considering the weight he had on it last weekend. Said it was heaps better and felt more rideable than either of our KLRs did. I can see a lot of riding will be done on this bike as the KLR did all sorts of fun stuff, this one is likely to go further!
    John, that's what backpacks are for isn't it??? :p
  10. :eek: OMG NO...this is not Asia :LOL:
  11. Its great to be back on the dirt, on a recent overnighter to Howqua (sheepyard flats) it was such a great handling bike, didnt feel big like the KLR.
    Goes a lot quicker than the KLR and carried the weight very well indeed.
    Been tuning the carb up a bit so now it will lift the front wheel easy now which lil will love ;)
    Now its got an FMF pipe so its noisy.
    We can now both take turns in heading out on the weekends in summer.
    Be a great bike to take camping......already planning a trip to the wonnangatta homestead when the better weather arrives.