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so we all know my taste in men sucks arse

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. move to canada

  2. one word... "hitman"

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  3. give up on men

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  4. go for a ride

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  1. ooh yeah baby :( :cry:

  2. easy, switch to women :D

    i'm sure you wont hear any complaints :wink:
  3. You need a V twin. :D :D :D
  4. What can I say. I brike up with my girlfriend on Friday and today signed the dotted line for a new bike. Happy as Larry. :D :D

    Don't worry I'll start a new thread about the bike. :wink:
  5. i actually put in 2 more options than that :(

    yeah baby
  6. hey eswen, at 18 it's not the end of the world, as Gilbert and Sulllivan said, "there are lots of good fish in the sea"
    meanwhile think of the money you will save on presents, and can spend on chocolate!!
  7. Just get really drunk and ring people. :D
  8. Have you recently watched Austin Powers?
  9. been there, done that... sorry :LOL:
    oops almost forgot: oooh baby
  10. thats one of the options i put in there, baby...

    ah but i tried another fish and he sucked too :LOL:
  11. i found ya problem , it's in ya sig :p

    But you just can't help giggling when you push them down the stairs.

    i'm pretty sure they make movies about bad girls like you :?

    P.S. never give up, there is plenty of fish in the sea
  12. hrmmm..... maybe stop dating NETRIDERS :LOL: :LOL:

    sorry :oops:
  13. ooh baby, ive never dated a netrider :p it was a *clears throat* that killed me this time.

    and ratbag... funniest thing ive heard in the last 10 mins rotfflmho!!!
  14. "Never,never,never,never faint heart never won fair lady"
  15. i dont get it, whats with all this "fish in the sea" thing? DUH, theres heaps of the buggers, millions of tunas and nemos and stuffs like that, but how the hell does that help eswen? is she supposed to go on a fishing trip and have battered flake for tea or somthing? wouldn't it be easier to just go down to the local fishop and grab that and $2 of chips instead? should she have vinegar with the chips on top of the mandatory salt? and is the bottled lemon juice as good as fresh stuff? i think NOT

    so many questions unanswered.....

  16. add to that im a vegetarian :(

  17. thats ok, i'm sure you can get vegetarian fish, but they'd grow on trees, not come from the sea :roll:
  18. Luderick/Black fish actually do live in the ocean. They're vegetarians! Sea weed is their food of choice but I'm not sure that qualifies them for eswen to eat.
  19. jesus eswen dont ask these retrobaits for advise on anything personal they will have you admitted to a psych ward then you will have people like me looking after you they will screw you up that bad :D

    check your PM
  20. there was only ever 1 NEMO , too many CLOWNS in here though :p

    retroBAITS very subtle Glen