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So very new

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mez, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone- yes, I'm so new here, I haven't even got my L's, or even a bike!
    I'll be booked in the next few weeks for my L's, and I've already got gear to wear. So I guess I'm committed now!
    My husband (minglis, with the luscious locks), has been jumping up and down like a little kid begging me to register on the forum for ages.
    So here I am!
    I had the pleasure of meeting a few of you who made the trek over to St Kilda last Saturday. It was really good to match some faces with the names of forum members.
    I'm looking forward to taking in all of the wise advice here. Nothing beats personal testimony.

  2. Hi Mez, welcome to NR :) Looking forward to spending some quality time with you ;)
  3. Luscious locks indeed. We're all secretly jealous though (don't tell him). Welcome aboard Mrs. Minglis (y)
  4. Welcome Mez, I spoke to Minglis last coffee night and he said you were going to join the fraternity. :)
  5. You Go Mez! We'll keep an eye out (figuratively) for Wednesday and Pugsley.

    Welcome to NR. You don't have to be nuts but it helps. Ask the hairy one.

    Pay scant attention to my florid fingers, I have a fetish for the sound the keys make. Makes me feel all manly and important.
  6. Welcome Mez, you will have a ball. Just ask minglis :)
  7. Wait your turn. You can have her back when we're finished with her.
  8. :rofl: :blackeye:
  9. True story. I'll toss you for her. Can she cook? Mine can. How about we race them for ... the fun of it.
  10. Hi mez, great to meet you to. Good luck with your learners and we shall see you soon :)
  11. So entertaining already! All I need is someone to thank me!
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  12. Heh. Welcome to the mad house, Mez. As I'm sure has already been made clear by Minglis and if not, most definitely made clear in this thread, you need a sense of humor here.
  13. Hi Mez. I met you last week too. You're lovely btw :) I'm glad to hear you are really going to book in for your L's in the few weeks.

    I bought a helmet today so I'm financially committed too. No backing out now.
  14. She has a great sense of humor.

    A few years back we were at my sisters wedding. I was the best man and she was the matron of honor. Some muppet was going around taking pics, and you could go and check them out on a table later on. Anyway, she goes up to look, and my cuz was looking too. He see's a picture of me and says, "who's that poof?". Mez leans over, puts on the deepest voice she can and says, "he's my biatch".
  15. :LOL:
  16. Welcome Mez, we did meet briefly last week. So does this mean another CB400 in the garage or are you going to get Matt's hand me downs ???
  17. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
    And yes ultram, it'll be the hand me down eventually.
  18. Hi Mez and welcome to NR.

    And a special thankyou to Matt who volunteered to babysit so you can go riding every weekend.
  19. hmmmm.... didn't think that one thru did I? [-(
  20. Brilliant excuse to get a new bike Minglis, I dips me lid.

    PS I wont tell anybody about your plan