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So today i went out and got dirty...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by enigma--, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Since i began my riding career in August of '08, despite riding on the road, I have always wondered what it would be like to get down and dirty, having only ridden a number of farm bikes when younger.... Well, today i got my chance...

    A mate of mine from trade school has been offering me a go on his bike for a while now, and today me and another mate took up the offer. Arriving at his property in Kinglake around midday, we were greeted by the site of fog surrounding us, freezing weather, and my mate, nicely rugged up. Damn, why'd i leave my thermals at home?

    He promptly showed us his 'back yard', 16 acres of grassland, hills and some bush. And his bike... a KTM 450exc-f, a racebike, or so i am told. So this is gonna be my first dirt experience then? He promptly jump starts it down a hill, and does a lap... dirt flying up behind him, front wheel in the air... and arrives where we are standing.

    "F*** it's slippery today". Oh good, i mutter. I promptly jump on the back, and experience the most nerve wracking ride i have ever taken, back wheel sliding, a steep muddy hill, with him yelling over his should how tricky this one is... We arrive back in one piece, and my other mate gets his spin. They too, arrive back in one piece.

    My other dirt inexperience mate takes it for a spin on the flat grass, and arrives back, giving me a grin. Jumped on and took it real easy, wheel sliding a little, getting used to the rediculous amount of power, and the ease at which you lost all control. Arrived back safely, and we alternated turns for a bit, neither of us getting out of first gear. The owner then took it for a few laps, just to show what it was capable of. Thanks.

    We venture out again, just as it starts to rain again. I'm up first, and told to get out of first. Down the hill we go, pushing it a bit harder than before, sliding a little and getting comfortable with it, gunning it (by my standards :p ) up a hill, in 2nd, before arriving at our meeting spot, grinning like a madman.

    As the afternoon wore on, got more and more confident. Only lost the bike once, deciding at the last second to try and break on mud, down it went, me heroically leaping off the falling kato :p

    The last few laps i took, i was told to give it a bit more, few more gears, and explore some of the dirt track, instead of mostly the grass and the easy stuff. No problems at all, riding, grinning, the whole time, occasionally muttering oh shi-, as the bike started to move about, but no problems at all.

    The day ended on a good note, and i loved my first dirt experience. Now i am stuck with a dilemma... i was set on getting a road bike again (as i wrote off my last one, in march)... now i am keen on getting dirty more, without loosing the road ability, thus i am now looking at the motard/dirt swap set ups.....

    For once, i am not actually seeking information! Just trying to recount my first dirt experience... man it was awesome fun! I highly recommend trying it everyone! even in the freezing cold and filth, was awesome fun. I dont feel justified giving a review on the bike, as it was my first one (and what a first one), other than you give it some and stuff became a blur real quick.

    In conclusion, i hope someone enjoyed my story, and i heartily enjoyed my dirt experience (in case you hadn't gathered that) and recommend it! *goes off to look for a dirt bike* :)
  2. Good onya man. (y)

    Reading that made me think back to my first time on a dirtbike at my dad's cousin's farm, about 9 or 10 years old, a nice old black Suzuki DR250, and a guy that sat on the back and then jumped off once I was moving, but we never thought about how I was going to stop until I just jumped off the side and let the bike fall to the ground.

    Dirtbikes are the best. :D
  3. People who've only ridden on the roads don't know what they're missing. There's a whole new world out there and you don't have to go that fast for an adrenaline rush.
  4. I understand that now. It was full of adrenaline! Now to figure out which dirty to potentially get...
  5. the exc is ok, but its nowhere near how agressive a motorcross 450cc bike is. mx-ers are more highly strung and explosive in the engine room.

    a good enduro bike that can get ridden on the road as a motard is the yamaha wr450f (i'm biased yes haha). i'm not sure what yamaha are doing, but they can get an engine to last. i'm nearly at 13,000km on original parts. thats a long way in dirt bike land.

    heres mine.



    best of both worlds.
  6. buy a drz400 imo
    easy motard setup ($1000)
    low maintanence
    and you dont really need a powerhouse to have fun in the dirt.
    did i say reliable?

    Edit:im at 17,000 k's with no engine work, nothing broken (except 2 mirrors)-i'd advise you to take them off. I change oils at 1000k's, Oil Filter ever 2nd service so its not too intensive
  7. Hells-yeah! I'm planning on getting a Dr-z400e in a few months (provided I get some more money soon). Can't bloody wait. Just get another pair of wheels and tyres and swap 'em over and get into the dirt. Also will be great to go camping with my 4wding buddies.
  8. thanks fellas.

    drz400e was one of the first i was looking at a while back, when i was keen to try the dirt out.

    guess ill keep saving for a bit (as only ~4k atm) and depending on whether the right road or dirt bike shows up first... go with that. :)
  9. been pondering all week what im gonna do with riding now... as an apprentice (first year at that) two bikes plus a car is out of the equation, at least for this year.

    i love road riding, and my brief dirt was awesome fun, thus looking at tard set ups. i managed to talk to a few people on sites who've ridden, some road, some dirt, some both... and got numerous opinions. some suggest an all out dirt bike, but i want something more practical. one said get a 400 and have two sets of wheels, basically what i was planning to do.

    so basically.... looking at the drz and the xr. seem to be pretty smilar, with a few major differences. tard wise? im assuming the drz might be a bit better?

    and i keep hearing these are heavier... does it REALLY make that much different? considering im just starting out (in the dirt)?