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So this happened today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by w0nder1and, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Got back to my shiny new bike today to find the tank had been all scratched up.

    Very fracking annoying.

    Any ideas about what I could do?

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  2. That is devastating !! Is that a matte finish as well ?? They certainly look very prominent. What caused it ??
  3. I think someone was parked too close and got me with the mirrors.

    I work in Surry Hills and a couple of times I've had people right on top of me, parking is at a premium.
  4. Damn that sux mate. Cant even imagine how tight it must be if that's from the mirrors of another bike. What a nightmare. As for fixing it, not sure. Touch ups never look right and always stand out.
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  5. Bugger dude. Did you have keys in your pocket at all?
  6. *sadface*
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  7. Not much better in the CBD. May have to respray the whole tank.
  8. Shit..

    Looks deliberately done...IMO. With a sharp object or a key or something..

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  9. It looks like something sharp vibrating on that spot, have seen scratches like this and the patterns look the same.
  10. I feel your pain.
    Had that happen to my mint GT550G1 back when I worked at Wang power station. Some fuqqer keyed it to the metal, a good two inches long down the side of the tank. Still to this day hope the prick responsible "accidentally" drinks a quart of drain cleaner.
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  11. shit that sux

    I'm with Lazy LibranLazy Libran it looks deliberate :-(
  12. oh no!!!!!!

    nothing on your pants? it does look like a tank bag or rubbing motion may have caused it. not your typical 'keying' damage.

    doesn't look like it will buff - major bummer dude!
  13. If it's parked around any businesses you could ask around for cctv camera footage.
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  14. Dude - that sucks hairy balls.
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  15. Is there anything I can do to stop further damage ... short of respraying the whole thing (which is not going to happen because I just spent all my $ on the bike).
  16. Tank grip pads
  17. Is it the tank itself or is it a matte cover over the tank? If it is a cover it should be removable and replaceable. A lot of new bikes these days have covers as opposed to painted tanks.