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So there was 2 cop cars, and an Ambulance..(Vic)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Thera, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. .. and a downed rider on swan street this morning at the bridge end(opposite Lexus Center), heading towards Richmond. This was about 8:40ish.

    My sympathies to the rider who was being prepped to go onto the trolley for the trip to the hospital, and hopefully for just a check over, and not for anything more serious. He looked in Good hands with 4 police officers and 2 Ambos(Even if the first Cop car was lime green).

    Now I'll get to my Question.

    The Riders Bike had been stood Upright but was still in the right lane. I had thought about pulling up and seeing if I could help by either offering to help move the bike off the road, or by offering the rider the use of my disc brake lock and giving him/her the key with my details to the police attending.

    As I went past I decided that if 4 cops couldn't at least handle moving the bike, well I would want my Tax back. What would you guys do? Would it be innappropriate to offer a hand in this situation ie. let the Coppers worry about it all?

    I would appreciate your thoughts please.

  2. If they can't handle it, with their training and resources, you've no hope.
  3. I think if you are first on the scene then help by all means, until the police, ambos etc get there. In this situation probably best to just stay out of their way, that way they don't have to deal with controlling the public at such a scene.
  4. The cops will organize for the bike to be towed, happened to me recently.
  5. AAhh cool I was worried his bike might be there(off the road I would suppose) till he(well I am assuming he)or family would arrange to have it moved. Never been in the situation, nor known anyone who has.

    I'd hate to leave my bike down there insecured.

    Thanks mate for the new lesson.
  6. Leave it to the Fuzz, they know their stuff and in many cases I know of, (including mine more than once) they are bloody fantastic.

    It seems that only those that have not had the attention of the "boys in blue" when things go pear shaped do they come up short.

    But I am sure you know those wankers by now.
  7. lol has "everyone" else's opinion rubbed off on you cookie? :roll:
    either that or your sarcasm sucks :p
    mmm yeah with those guys there, there's not much you can do to help, Thera.
    fair chance the cops either wanted it there for part of an investigation, but it was put upright to stop any leeak if there was one, or just uprighted for (some) safety, and then they focussed on the rider. maybe it was jsut the first on scene who upped the bike, who knows.
    but yeah, they sort out towing if needed etc. theyre not that mean to jsut send u to hospital, fine u if they can, and ditch ur bike :LOL: :)
  8. i suppose they could get you for hoon laws if the "off" involved a whell off the ground, and confiscate it for 3 days as well. I personally have a good opinion of most coppers. The one I have had problems(ever) was told by a judge he was "ridiculous". btw blue ribbon is on, go buy one!

    In hindsight i should of propped this in New Riders section.
  9. actually, unless your crash involves another vehicle, and it's their fault, you most definately can be booked.
    "failure to control vehicle" or something like that.
    it was in another thread recently, i think in NSW, its a compulsory fine in a single vehicle accident. down here i think it is up to the cops. basically, dont call them unless u need them lol.
  10. This is where I'd hope somebody I know would take care of the situation rather than the cops are they are by far useless. Sure they'll get it towed to a yard... not a local yard to your current address or even a yard that is any good.

    Being you didn't know the person it's okay you didn't do anymore, but if you did taking the actions for them would be ace.

    Had a car stolen... was a cheap POS and not worth the hassle of paying for the yard fees and was stored down the coast (I live 50km from there and had no car due to... it being stolen). Anyway finally got down there and signed the car off, 2 weeks later a call about the car asking what to do about it... I'm like I signed it off, not my car anymore as it legally states on the form, police officer was like "ohh something is wrong then, I'll sort it out"... Week later another call on the same thing, they generally have no idea what they are doing. Heck finding out where the yard was in the first place was a pain as the officer who got it towed (it was burnt out) and did the report etc... didn't know where it went.

    I personally have RACQ for towing assistance so I'd never want to pay for a tow truck and it covers me for 150km.

    Cops, bahh, mostly useless. And yes single vehicle accident = your fault. regardless of the actual situation (oil on road, cow running onto road etc..).
  11. When I arrived 1st on a scene last year, I picked the bike up moved it into the emergency lane (after checking the rider out obviously) and asked the cops what would happen with it. They said they would take care of it and there was no reason for me to stay anymore so I left.
  12. Attended an accident last year (Guy lost traction on an overloaded bike... CT125), Guy broke his collarbone, but was still talking, got his name, gave my name to the coppers and dropped the bike off at his place, no problems.
  13. In NSW it's mandatory that you get booked - here in Victoria it's highly unlikely unless it's very obvious you were being really stupid. Even then if you are injured and there's no damage to anyone else's property they usually won't book you. Although it is possible, I haven't heard of anyone being booked in those circumstances for a long time.

    If you are even slightly injured you must notify them in Victoria. Otherwise you won't be able to claim medical expenses etc. from the TAC.
  14. I saw a similar scene last week at the other end of Swan St at the lights where it meets up with Yarra Blvd. A bit spooky given that it is part of my daily commute, and both offs involved ambulances. I've only been riding to work for 3 weeks, so two ambulances in that amount of time doesn't seem very promising. :/
  15. It's not mandatory that you get booked in NSW, it's just mandatory for Police to investigate single vehicle accidents if someone is injured, or if the vehicle requires towing, or if there is damage to other property besides the vehicle. If the accident is a result of negligence or an illegal act, then yes you will wear a ticket. I understand the "being injured is punishment enough" mantra, however Police don't make the laws, they just have to enforce them.
    And don't let the rantings of one particular poster and an admin fool you into thinking that tickets are issued even when it can be shown that other factors were to blame. Police do recommend no action be taken where there is definite proof that the accident was caused by external factors. Unfortunately, most Police have heard the gravel/oil slick/black dog/kangaroo/brown cow stories enough to be fairly sceptical. Especially when you turn up and the gravel or oil slick has magically "disappeared".
    If I ever find this magical "disappearing" gravel I might have to give it a ticket for leaving the scene....
  16. dont be too stressed Zenali.. I know what your thinking though...I had the joy of seeing some unwanted images on the Monash Freeway a little while ago (within the first few to the scene etc) ...and then a news story the same week about a dude in NSW Noob hitting a tree off a bike (the news reporter didnt really give much notice about the graphic nature of the footage)... and I got that similar feeling I think your having. Even starting doubting WTF I was doing on the bike deliberatly riding in peak hour for fun/practice etc. But It passes and just makes you even more dilligent and aware on the bike, so its a good thing in a way to have that response, if you manage it properly. Keep practicing your ebraking and countersteering when you can and your chance of avoiding the danger will help you feel more enjoyment rather than worry...
  17. So, I assume the kangaroo that a poster on these forums hit wasn't enough proof to avoid a ticket - even though it was dead on the road when the police arrived - perhaps the guy I know of that was booked when he came off after after a kookaburra hit his helmet (the feathers were stuck in his visor) - or any of the many cases that come to the attention of rider organisations every year in NSW. They were all lying as well.

    As someone who's been involved with rider safety for some years I can tell you that know we often can't rely on police reports of crashes (unless there's specialist investigators involved or there's a fatality - and sometimes not even then). I can refer you to some of the research that came out of US studies that showed how inaccurate police crash descriptions could be - and yes, that research was directly applicable to Australia as well.

    I've sat in on the Enhanced Crash Investigation panels here in Victoria - it's surprising exactly what does show up. Yes, most riders are "at fault", they misjudge a corner or go in at the wrong speed (usually under the speed limit) but there are a lot of occasions where there's a secondary cause of gravel or badly aligned roads or rough surfaces that certainly contributed.
  18. When I planted my 2007 Suzuki Boulevard into a right turning Falcon last July, I took a glance at it in my post prang haze and figured I'd never see it again. I was right. It went to Fowles Auctions via some yard somewhere.

    I suppose the rozzers have to shift the wreck and unless the rider is coherent enough (or cares enough - I just wanted some morphine) it goes on the towie and outta there as per any other vehicle.

    Read somewhere recently that a lot of crashed bikes are write offs due to huge parts / labour costs anyway so would have to be largely superficial damage to be salvageable I would think?
  19. They cant sell it out from under you without going through the motions of trying to find the owner.

    If you come across a crash you should never move any of the vehicles until you are sure everyone involved will survive or you "could" get done for interferring with a crime scene.

    On the subject of NSW don't forget their equivelent of TAC is not No Blame like the TAC insurance so in a single vehicle crash the insurer will want the at fault person identified.
  20. wow a rider down thread. Duck an cover before vic shows up with his authority stick.