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So there are plans are to get rid of us all!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Interesting when you read several comments by these purported specialists in their fields.
    Again the fact that our plant is changing (and of course we are to blame! :roll: ) with loss of species in animals and plants (which of course has not happened again and again throughout the planet's history! :roll: )

    But most of all is that many of these people in power are coming to agree that there are too many of us. I would be more worried about how they intend to deliver that!


    Experts warn of global disaster

    Quote from near the end of the article


    A guest of the foreign policy think tank, the Lowy Institute for International Policy, Lord May will spell out the need for humanity to cut consumption, look after the environment, and stabilise the population.

    Or, as he put it when talking to The Sunday Age: "The continuing growth in human numbers multiplied by the growth in consumption per person has brought us to the point whereby human activities are on the same scale and scope as the natural biological, chemical and geophysical processes that built the biosphere. And that's never happened before."

    Lord May said it was urgent that humanity constrained its population growth.

    "It is clear you cannot have indefinitely sustained growth of population," he said. "There has to be a point in the history of any inhabited planet when the number of people multiplied by the impact per person does rival natural processes."

  2. Well
    Nuke the chinese and the Indians and the problem is solved.

    simple, brutal, morally wrong, horrific, but effective.
    There alone you reduce 2 billion people.

    Seriously though how do these so called experts and doomsdayers expect people to cull population growth?
  3. Faith based abstinence judging by US aid programs
  4. Something i have been saying for a long time..

    We wont be able to sustain population growth.

    Ok it hasnt rained like it needs to, but we are already seeing the effects of
    a growing population with our resources being stretched.

    I will use our country for example, we only live on the coast, with very few people actually living in land. There is continual population growth encouraged by baby bonuses and the ease to immigrate to Australia. With this must go housing development, the more houses the more resources needed, full stop !!

    The last dam was completed in the 1983 here in Victoria, the Thompson dam. There was plans to start the next one not long after that until one Mr Cain canned it. :evil:

    Our infostructure is so outdated, but we keep putting pressure on it to perform, wether its our ammenities, or our rds, we need to seriously look at our growth and seriously ask can everything we rely on keep sustaining the pressure.
  5. We just need to start colonising other planets.

  6. if they supply the ammo..... :twisted:

    BTW, OP-
    multiple choice:
  7. But what would I be able to buy at Bunnings then? Think of how lonely my nights would get with no telemarketers to talk to!
  8. Does art imitate life, or life imitate art ?

    We're already on the Genetic engineering path = Gattaca
    Just hope that the human species never gets to the "Soylent Green" stage,

    The world needs more people with the vision that Gene Roddenberry had.
  9. Sterilisation for all with an IQ below 100? :bolt:
  10. That would be "their plans" not "there plans".............
  11. Add Dandy to Frankston and you've got rid of a whole load of single multi-mothers, preparing their children to do exactly the same as them... and they said the baby boom was over... :p
  12. Im waiting to for Raa to come back in his giant pyramid spacecraft to take me home.

    And Blue12 it is NOT easy to migrate to this country if your white.
    Harsh but true......I know. :wink:
  13. I was out on the bike today, and saw a sign, it was a map of Australia, with the words "We're full, fcuk off"... i was shocked anyone would make those....
  14. Why?

    You should be getting the same sign stamped permanently on a body
    part. :grin:

  15. the growth of technology and discovery of new resources can offset the ills of huge population growth
    so long as those things keep on continuing, we aren't doomed just yet
    eg compare less industrialised countries and western countries - technology and resources really have made the difference between wealth, poverty and quality of life.

    bah, who knows what the future holds

    :?: :?:
  16. i know one thing, i dont concern myself with all the scaremongering, there are far more important "now" issues to deal with.
  17. While economists and all financial people measure success in terms of growth... the think tank will never get it's way.

    Isn't it amazing, how when a company makes the same profit as last year, it's seen as a failure...
  18. OI...I'm not outta Frankston....yet :blackeye: :p
  19. Well I guess when shareholders stop expecting to make a gain on their investment, then profits won't matter so much. But until then....
  20. You're right Greg. A shift in thinking is needed.

    While GROWTH remains a measure of success in any section of the economy, then we're headed for problems somewhere down the track... this is a finite world with finite resources...