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So the weather is looking good for the weekend...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tenoq, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Who's riding? I'm keen for a Saturday ride, but I'm hopeless at organising - someone wanna do the deed for me? :p

    Might be a little cold, but the weather is looking fine. :D
  2. Call me blind, but I don't see any rides announced in Vic for the coming weekend...

    ...unless you were trying to suggest I should 'Announce' how keen I am for a ride this w'end. ;)
  3. A group of us from Gippsland and parts of Melbourne are riding for an overnight stay at Ballarat on the weekend. If anyone wants to tag along, feel free to do so.

    We're heading to Yarra Junction via Noojee, etc. then up around Melbourne to Whittlesea for lunch, then to Ballarat for the night.

    Home is down to Geelong, Queenscliff, the ferry across, and then home via Arthur's Seat, Poowong and so on to the Latrobe Valley.

    It's only a small ride with about 12 of us going.
  4. Im heading out sunday with the wanderers . Out east somewhere :shock:
  5. Im going to ballarat on sunday to see the family. Not a pleasure ride :(
  6. nor if you don't plan for it to be......heading back to hamilton can either be a free/highway run or down the GOR. Pick a more interesting route. such as

  7. I believe some of the boys and girls are planning to head up to the spur on Saturday for some fun.