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So the time has come, To get my licence :D Finally!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bcurko, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Hello fellow netriders,

    It's been nearly 4 years since I first posted on this board and been educating myself on motorcycles here and now.
    Not even kidding (https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=95478) 2008 Was my first post

    I've finally decided to go for my licence (my parents have decided*) so I can actually get my own motorcycle gear and what not.. Now I'm going to look like a total noob so please forgive me for asking these stupid questions.

    I am currently on my Reds (P1 NSW) going on my greens in September, Do I still have to get the rta certificate for learners then be on my L's for 3 months before I can progress to P's or can I go straight to P's after I get my L's?

    My sisters bf was suggesting for me to start up get some nice kevlar jeans, decent jacket/helmet and quality gloves and then buy a 08 Kawaski Ninja 250R and put a nice yoshi exhaust on the back if I want some decent sound.

    I'm about 185cm tall so I'm going to have to go shopping and see what bikes fit my body and positioning but what would you motorcycle enthusiasts suggest for a new rider ? I'm thinking about 4-6K should be decent enough for my first bike+gear+insurance and the other bs..

    Hoping I can join up with one of the clubs or hit up a practice session with any locals around the south west (fairfield area) in the future when I have my licence and bike..

    Cheers Brenton
  2. If you want it to sound like a wet fart.

    Or get down to the Sydney Learner Sessions at Homebush on Saturday's @1.00pm (info in the first post).
  3. as seems rather evident considering some threads/posts as of late perhaps it's an idea to get ce removable armour for your kevlar pants...takamii makes a good set of threads (kevlar pants :p) by all accounts

    i presume talking about your p1's ect for car?...na...pretty sure you'd have to sit out the 3 month mark til you got the p's on the bike - what's the rush anyway? not like that extra 10k's makes a massive difference & your gonna be stuck on lams bikes for a couple years anyway - if your lucky it'll mean some douchebag cager is more forgiving seeing the L plate (probably not tho ) ....by all means make your own choice on what bike you want and make sure your comfortable with it...perhaps check out some of the older 250's (90's era) as they tend to be both cheaper & in a few cases - More powerful than the new models
  4. All the slip on for the Ninja 250r sound like wet fart to me, but at least it's better than the silence stock one.
  5. You need to do the Pre-Learners course and then the RTA Rules test to go on your L's. Minimum of 3 months on your L's then Pre-Provisional and MOST test to go on Red P's for minimum 1 year then Green P's for 2 years.
  6. You're right, stock they sound like a Singer sewing machine :)
  7. Make some noise...it does help in traffic.
    But din's chase overly loud, because they really do sound a bit retarded.

    And paaleeeease, don't sit at traffic lights constantly blipping the throttle, with the usual 'look at moi' mentality. All those guys that do it - you look like nobs.

    I went along on a learner ride and clearly the little ninja is appealing, but when you are stuck in amongst a gaggle of 'blippers' it's just embarrassing. And there is no point to it.