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So the moon's all like, uh... red and stuff

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. This is the best photo I got of it, with the fireworks setting on the little Cybershot, max-zoom and a steady hand :)


    Anyone else with superior equipment [ie. a tripod :p] grab a decent shot?
  2. my shot looks like a black screen.

    thanks for reminding me! those in my building all piled out at once. thanx to you 2loo i still fit in :wink:

  3. Steady hand's right. You must have the steadiest hand in the world :shock: :grin:

    My shot looks like I've captured a flash of some kind of supernatural being :p
  4. here's 3 of my better shots, didn't get one with full red we got high patchy clouds that covered the moon right through the good bit :? :LOL:

    Getting there




    on the flip side


    Ps: no help other than the camera resting on the back steps on a garden ornament ( concrete duck ) 235 pics all up with about 50 that came out clear :) not bad for a little Fuji S5600 :)
  5. th_DSC_0181.
    here are my best 3 shots for the night....
    From the look of all the pictures ive seen...NSW was the far best spot tonight to have seen it...
  6. wow phanoongy. they are awesome shots. that first one is red as! here in bris (west) we had lots of cloud so wasn't that good to see when i looked.
  7. Arrr damn, i missed it. To busy with uni work to look up :?

    Those are some great photos. Last time i saw a lunar eclipse a few years ago i tried to take some photos too but all i got was black sky
  8. I don't have a stand or anything fancy so I stood in my backyard with a 5mp "point n shoot" and got this rubbish. :)


  9. great night

    hey everyone, what a great night in ---> Sydney! hot day, then warm night, can't beat that

    yeah took the a few pics, well, infact 185! and I swear they're mine, I can show you the originals and no camera is bad, seriously - it's about composition, lighting and metering of light to get the best exposure

    yeah this one, came out strange - looks like day, but it's night, and that is a overexposed moon, then a plane did a slow fly by while on long shutter speed~


    and a sequence of the lunar eclipse that i stiched up, more like later end of it, cause I didn't get the first part quite well as the later, and the total eclipse turned out bad, a bit blurry because of the long shutter speed, should have cranked up the ISO, but then the noise will be so bad...


  10. Wow thanks for the pics evryone.

    I missed it so they are good to see.
  11. Looked great last night, fantastic pics everyone.

    This is the best I could come up with.

  12. awesome pics guys, we went outside & had a look, tried to take pics but mine came out shite.
  13. The other ones are still to be loaded from the camera, but this sequence turned out okay... image002.
  14. hahahahahahahahaha!!! THAT'S GOLD!!!

    if I wasn't working at the restuarant last night I'd be calling all of you guys up to go watch it at the Gap up at Watson's Bay. How nice would that have been.

    oh and btw - I friggin dropped my virago while I was looking at the eclipse.... I sat on the bike and put my feet on the pillion pegs then I stared up looking at the moon. all was well until 15 mins later the moon got higher and so did the angle of my body as I tired to look at the moon while sitting on the bike.... next thing I know it the bike tipped and I couldn't get my foot down in time....... wattan idiottt....

    it's a cruiser - so no damage, but embarrasment!
  15. That sucks Duke :(

    Quick, start a hazardous road report thread, there'll be autosol all over the place!!! :rofl:
  16. LOL

    mind you the bike wasn't moving- it was just parked at the back of my place - So I dropped the bike while it was parked just because I sat on it to watch the moon.... :oops:
  17. Heres one . I shot over three hours and will be putting together a page soon.


    Blow up