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So the GIRLS had fun, but so did another

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ratbag, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Minna opted to come out and play with the boyz today, i think she had fun.

    Well the photo's suggest so :)

    Deano rocked up at my place bright and early, we headed off to Woori Yallock to meet up with Minna a Jason, i beleave we were a tad late since Jason was already there ( had already downed a coffee ) and Minna being always late ( so she says ) pulled in 30 seconds after we arrived.

    We all set off on our merry way to have a play in the Black Spur, met up with a top rider Nathan and a couple of his buddys.

    all in all it was a beautiful day, had alot of laughs with good company and eveyone enjoyed the photoshoot in the Spur.

    pics below

    cheers ratty

  2. Ratty sounds like you all had nearly as good a time as ours....and great pics as usual.

    I was looking for you at the rest area but you must of gone already :roll:
  3. Thanks guys for the day and ride, I had a blast and to ratty for those pics and vids but you leave that one particular vid alone and don't you dare put it up on the net do ya hear mister?!! :p
  4. As usual another kick ass day in the spur..The sun was shining the birds were singing and the storms were breaking all that serenity by being the noisy ass bastards that they are..

    The corner the pics were taken at have a nice groove scratched into the tar curtious of mouth and his peg draggin episodes...

    Special thanx go out to Ratty for taking the time out to sit on the corner and take the pics :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

    As for the R1 boys that were there....Well done!!!
    Sittin with Ratty to watch Nath go through was definatly worthwhile doing..

    Cheers for the invite and looking forward to the next episode with these guys :biker:
  5. Loks like everybody had a ball...thought about heading up that way today but decided against it...hmmm maybe tomorrow
  6. Yeah, man, get that little 250 screaming Hornet up the mountain and give the back tyre some scrubbing; you know you want to :LOL:
  7. Nice photo's!
    Assuming that's somewhere on the Black Spur... which corner (or how far into it) was the corner you set up on?
  8. After heading out of Healsville , the corner is about a quarter of the way through, its a nice radius righthander, has room to pull off on the side, other shots of the group were at the turn around point, a rest area about halfway through on the righthand side.

  9. Great photos Ratbag :D
  10. Oh MAN!!!!

    :D :D :D