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So thats what I really am!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. So one of my mates sent me this today, and I just have to share it.

    Find out what you really are.

    Use with caution around small children, this thing can throw up some.. err, uncouth results.

    Have fun :D
  2. LOL

    I am a
    Gorgeous Deity
    Who like to
    upset dinosaurs

    I am also a
    Tough clown
    who likes to
    whollop giant tits!
  3. I am a beautiful virgin, who likes to wallop testes.
  4. I am prickly devil who likes to kneel on hooters.
  5. I am, apparently, a Malignant Clerk who likes to Conquer Animals. Hmmm.....
  6. allegedly I am a horny condom who likes to f..k divas
  7. I'm a confused fighter who likes to murder turtles :shock:
  8. I was skeptical of it's results but from your post it seems pretty right.
  9. I am a large breasted breast, who likes to forgive lions
  10. I am a sexy bicycle who likes to squeeze vaginas
  11. I am a new wolf who likes to spin women
  12. A delicious clerk who likes to c[_]m on dwarfs.
  13. you should see someone about that
  14. I'm a grumpy diva who likes to fling oxen. :?
  15. funky biatch who likes to devour geese

    red ape who likes to empty women

    Love this last one
    I am a jittery p0rn star who likes to feel tigers
  16. I am a well hung vixen who likes to F#(% Tigers? :shock:
  17. I am a macrophilic hyper fur who likes the run from elephants :p
  18. im a puny hobo who likes to sit on hooters :LOL:
  19. I'm an adult who thought the web site was for kids.
  20. clearly illustrated in your post five minutes earlier

    doesnt hurt to be a kid occasionally hey :)