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so thats what happened! stump crash and xray

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by D Stump, May 6, 2007.

  1. i just read martons thread and realized i never told netriders what happened to me in closure :oops: my bad.

    i was going straight thru an intersection where a white van with a 19 year p plater was waiting to turn right into a side street. he had advanced passed the line and the light turned red as i was going thru and he turned the wheel, put his foot down and nailed me.

    i saw a white line going thru my right thigh, it was the van's bonnet. my foot tore off at the joint and my femur, hip and pelvis was broken.

    my seat came off so i stood up on the left foot peg and wobbled with my right leg and boot dangling close to the road. i was heading for a pole very fast so i poked the pole with my left handle bar to absorb the impact thru the bike. it worked. i had a sub dural closed head injury that i can cope with.

    at one point my organs were requested, 3 days later my parents were told i wouldn't live thru the night.

    no one knew how much damage the head injury would do.

    when i woke up the first thing i said was 'where the f**k am i and get me the sh*t out of here.

    dad said 'well, she can string a sentence together'.

    6 years later i got a letter from my local member of parliament passing on the netrider message. i was with a friend when i got the letter. i looked up and said 'whats a forum?'

    good on you sophie. it's cool you have parents who let you make your own choices. i would love to meet you sometime.

    cheers :cool:

    sorry, i stuffed up the pics. just so you know, only 1 leg was injured :grin:

    the 2nd xray was the same femur years later. i re-grew the bone with an ilizarov and it broke 48hrs later.



  2. Finding you was one of the high points for Netrider, and all because of a Netrider in Finland, for goodness sakes!!
  3. oh wow, thanks paul.

    [when are they going to find out im a know nothing biatch?]

    ha ha
  4. Well if you don't tell them I'm certainly not going to :rofl:.
  5. What happened to the asshole cager?

    Are you suitably stinking rich now?

    We want answers!
  6. Stump your an admiration to all motorcyclists riding or injured. To recover from an accident like that and come out with an overly positive attitude is awesome.
    If i ever come off badly i'll employ you as my rehabilitation officer :grin:
  7. Stump,
    We've never met in person, but I follow your posts and can only be overwhelmed by the positive outlook you show in every way.
    It's been said by many others but you're in inspiration to all of us and proof that, no matter what obstacles life throws in front of you, if you've still got your life and faculties you've still got a lolt of living to do!!!!

    Don't go anywhere!!! :grin:
  8. wedge wrote
    excellent choice!

    coming right up sir!

    cager got 200hrs com service, 18 months without a license, charged with neg driving causing grevious bodily harm.

    i haven't been showered with cash yet. ive been offered 1.5 and turned it down. may seem like a lot of money to you but when you gotta pay for surgery, have limited accomidation options, not really going to be thriving in the work force, you need to be realistic about the value of money.

    the insurer have kept my claim low and i have suffered as a result. im going to have to let a judge decide and sue them for abuse.

    thanks slow and steady netrider will have to boot me to get me out :grin: :grin: :grin:

    well, go on then, what r u waiting for??

  9. you know what really inspires me about people like you stump? people like you, lenna, sophie.. plus the rest i havent named of course.

    its your absolute drive. most of the things i notice is your wilingness and your hunger to tackle absolutly anything just to be able to say you can. you confront things full in the face and fight till there is none left in you.. and THAT is an amirable trait.
  10. Hahahaha, your fantastic D. Absolutely fantastic.

  11. :LOL: :LOL:
    Just look at you go now ya post whore :p

    And speaking of av's. Who's the lost member of Duran Duran in yours? :LOL:
  12. +1 to everyone's comments, can't wait to meet you in person!
    I first read your thread about a week before my off, and i was moved and inspired by your ability to cope with the unimaginable, never thought i'd need inspiration such a short time later!
  13. thanks dan, that's sweet of you. there's plenty to fight for. no way in hell im going to cry in a corner, that's for sure.

    'duffman! is back! oh yeah!'

    im a post whore for sure!

    i dont get the duran duran thingim. [are you retaliating?]
  14. i still dont get it jace. are you saying duran duran because there is a D in front of stump?
  15. jace explained in a pm that my pose in my av reminded him of the poses duran duran do.

    pic was taken for a party invitation with my twin. twas a space commanda theme so thats whats with the look.
  16. Good on you for staying positive.

    The accident and aftermath must be indescribably difficult. I salute you and wish you all the best! :)
  17. It seems to be a bike thing. I've met people through the 4B's who've been seriously injured - including losing arms. Invariably they've been through a lot but most of them have come out with a positive attitude like you have.

    Some of the people here know Alan Zimmer (nobrakes) on other forums who's a Friday Night coffee regular - the big guy in purple and green leathers oon a Kawasaki (usually a KLR650) - he's been through a lot after he was cleaned up by a car recently but it now looks as if he'll keep his right arm - info here.
  18. Apologies for vent (even if it is heartfelt)

    First off, the attitude thing.

    I haven't suffered the extreme injuries of others, so maybe don't have the right of reply that some do, but...

    I have had a number of accidents that the law has decided were the result of other peoples wrongdoing, but I was left with the health issues, They just got on with their life.

    My injuries happened at a young age, and I had 2 choices, make the best of it, or shrivel up and become a bitter twisted ashhole.

    The world has an oversupply problem with bitter twisted people - they don't need more.

    I have had 25 yrs+ of surgery, procedures, medication (good until they stop it) and pain. I was invalided out of the public service.
    That wasn't living.

    I have more surgery to come.

    If you don't pick yourself up and have a positive attitude, you end up alone and probably suicidal. I know my family discussed drowning me and burying me in the backyard at one stage until I woke up to myself.

    And we tend to remember the ones that do pick themselves up. But the others are still out there, but hidden away. They deserve better.

    Simply put, people like D STump and Sophie have no choice but to get over it, and make the best of whatever life they have left. They are young, and there is a LOT of life to live yet. WE have to assist them to make that choice. D Stump seems to have done this already.

    There is no magic solution, only whatever they decide to do.

    Be positive please
    and NOTICE someone who is a bit down because of injury, and HELP them to discover that there is life to live. And enjoy.

    Time to put the soap box away for me.
  19. sophie wrote
    i hope my story has been of some help.

    WOW peter, seems like you've been in and out the darkest places of the mind.

    it doesn't matter how beautif the sunset is, or the rolling hills, if the place in your mind is without peace, then you will never be in a great place.

    as you already know, and sophie may not, there is no single way to perceive loss. there are many ways and you have to chose one.

    sophie will be fine. she's going to make a full recovery very soon. i don't think she's going to go thru all the fazes one goes thru from severe injury.

    she will get a case of post traumatic stress disorder and have to develop a new perception of what it means to ride a bike. that one takes a while. it doesnt happen straight away, although you think it does.

    there was a paraplegic woman at sophie's fund raiser. she was hit in september and is still in re-hab. her attitude is great! good on her!

    BUT re-hab is designed for wheelchairs, when she gets out a world of frustration is going to hit her. she is garanteed to go through the fazes that people with severe injuries go through. she wont be able to perceive the extent of her injury untill the 3 year mark.

    if she has a great attitude now, she will come out the other end ok. the best thing her friends can do is lay off the 'you're coping so well' talk. that will put pressure on her.

    stump it up! :cool: