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So someone decided to back over me bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mik84, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Well i spose it was gonna happen one day. Leaving work today, walking back to my bike and before i could scream out it was too late :( Old matey had already reversed straight into the back and knoked it on its left side.

    After id calmed down and had a look at the damage i suppose its not really that bad considering. The clutch and gear levers are snapped half off, the front left fairing is scrathed in a couple of places, the engine casing is scratched and the tail is cracked where he actually hit it in the left corner of the tail light. And to add to the pain i got home and my flushy indicators had arrived(the last thing i was waitin on and i was happy with the bike!)

    Ive just started a 10 week course with the guy and weve just worked 3 straight 16 hour days so i didnt even have the energy to get really emotional about it( and could also kind of understand why he wasnt 100% focussed). I just ensured he knew it was his fault and hed be paying for it, and wed sort it all out tomorrow.

    Now as ive never been involved in any kind of accident before i was wondering if you guys could help me out with the process, make sure i do things right and dont forget anything. Situation is he has full comp but says hell probably just pay cash, i dont have any insurance.

    And ive got no ideas as to were to go to get quotes for gettin it fixed so any reccomendations on that would be great too :)

    Cheers in advance for any help guys
  2. I go get a quote, then get the guy to sign and date it. Maybe even draft up a letter, outling he understands he is at fault and agrees to pay for the damages. This will just cover your arse then if you decides to be a prick to you. It's prolly the best way to handle it without using the insurance company.
  3. Well once he finds out how much its going to cost to fix he will be using his insurance.. and just out of curiousity, why dont you have any insurance silly... :?
  4. I dont know him that well but hes another aj so i know hes not goin anywhere, also theres a few witnesses too.

    Good idea too Josh ill probably do that just incase he does try to get abit dodgy, though i doubt he will as hes got another 9 1/2 weeks on course with us which wouldnt be much fun for him in that case.
  5. Mik84 - do you have insurance? If so, use your company to approach his (you say he has insurance). This way you won't strain your relationship with him. Most car drivers have no understanding of how a simple fall (to them anyway) can cost so much money. Plus, sometimes, just sometimes the quote that you get won't cover everything, the workshop can find something else wrong - more money - who pays, he probably won't want to, remember you already gave him one quote.

    Plus, of course there is always the "You get it fixed mate, I'll see you right". So in good faith you go ahead, fix your pride and joy and then the other person says "pay for all this, it didn't look like that much" and they don't pay, leaving you holding the bill and your insurance company won't come to the party then!

    If you have insurance use it! Plus, I am rather annoyed at him getting on the road when he obviously didn't have all his wits about him. I realise that the two of you have been working really hard, but that isn't an excuse for poor attention to other road users.
  6. Yeah i did kind of mention that to him but hes only a young bloke too and he had a pretty new done up car so his excess is probably pretty high... Ive got no idea how much the parts cost...

    And the price the premium would cost me for insurnace would be a bad investment. Id have enough to buy a new bike in a few years :wink:
  7. Well i had to replace the zx12r sticker on my bike and it cost $100 for that, and i know the seat cowls are around the 400 mark.. so this guy is going to cry.. insurance is a killer, they really dont give any incentive to want to get it..
  8. I was in the same situation as you only a couple of months ago.

    Dad backed into my bike on the left hand side with me on it, it fell on the right hand side from the foot path into the gutter.

    I had a bent brake leaver, snapped my right foot peg, scratched both farings on that side at the front, scratched the right mirror assembly, the right handlebar weight and scratched the exhaust.

    He ended up paying for the lot even though i had insurance.

    The total cost....2.5K :shock:

    I'd get a quote, caus i'm sure your workmate will probably opt for the insurance option even with the excesses.
  9. I think cry will be an understatement. I'm guessing ~$1000
  10. The two biggest thing im worried about is where to take it to? and what my rights are if its repaired and im not happy with the job?... So frustrating its the first thing ive ever owned new and i just wanted to keep it that way!

    Also are fairings and engine casings generally replaced or repaired in that situation?

    edit: Adding to that what if he goes through his insurer and they want to take it somewhere that seems dodgy or has a bad rep, do i have any say?
  11. It all depends what you get the quote on because it is your bike afterall and your not going through insurance. Personally i would go re-placement over re-spray so there is no filler and anything (if the scratches are deep), even if you couldn't see it.

    Also i think engine casing should be a replace item and not repair??? I'm only assuming here due to the nature of the part (i.e. Kinda cover and that be weakened and break easily if something else happens.
  12. In that case you should have called the police. These situations arent usually all that great based purely on trust.

    If you had insurance you tell them what happened and they handle it all for you.
  13. Mik84, I feel for you cos its your baby and you want it to look as good as new again. You say you bought it new, ring the shop that you bought it from and get them to recommend a workshop, if they don't have their own.

    When my husband dropped his bike last year, due to inattention (I wasn't happy with him, but not as unhappy as he was) we went through our insurance. The fairings were only scratched, they didn't replace them, however we had the right to refuse the spray job that was done. Our situtation was a little different in that these particular fairings are numbered and signed on the inside by the assembler at the factory, we wanted to keep them if possible. He also scratched a muffler and they did quote on replacing this. The bodywork was redone three times before we were happy with it. Also, in my earlier message I referred to the situation where the workshop finds additional bits to fix. We had a suspected bent frame, the workshop didn't pick it up until the final test ride!!

    Your engine cases weren't scratched when you parked your bike, you want them replaced, they can't be repaired, it will show, but we are starting to talk big money here. Not only for all the parts, but the labour for removing the engine from the frame and then re-assembling your bike.

    I would say however, that if he went through his insurance you would have the right to refuse inferior work. If you don't you will start having trouble with him perhaps saying "its only a little scratch".
  14. Thanks for all the advice so far N1GH7-R1D3R, Sean305, Blue12, 748girl, unforgiven and jimmythehuman... :)

    Might just get some sleep now and sort it all out tomorrow.
  15. What I thought would be 3 grands damage to my bike turned out to be damn near 5. From the sounds of things, I guess yours could cost around 2 grand (3 wouldn't make me blink either). His excess won't be that high. Even in cases where you only have 3rd party (like me) your insurance company will ussually help you out. Talk to them first. Then get a quote and talk to the guy that hit you, reminding him that if there's other damage they've missed, the actual bill could be a hell of a lot more. He'll most likely call his own insurer and give you a claim number.

    If you talk to your insurer, they should cover the cost (meaning you don't have to wait for your bike while he saves up the money) then recover costs from the driver. Unless you know the guy well, this is the best way.

    If you decide to let him just pay you anyway, a written agreement and money before begining work are a good idea, cause once work starts on your bike in this situation, your insurer will wipe their hands of it. If he then turns around and says he won't pay, no-one will be their to help you.
  16. Except Mik's Iron fists of fury :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  17. Ok well ive talked to him again today and tried to convince him it would be better to use his insurance(as did everyone else). It seems though that he doesnt want to jepordise his rating or whatever and insists hell just pay cash...

    So ive told him ill write out an agreement for him to sign and try to get a couple of quotes.

    How is the best way to set out a written agreement in this situation?

    And in the way of quotes do i have to take it to a specialised motorcycle smash repairer(dont know any) or can i take it to a dealer?
    Obviously i was thinkin i could just go to a dealer and get the price for all new parts and labour but would they give me an actual written quote? How does this work if they do find other damage afterwards?

    And are fairings purchased painted or do you order the part and have it sprayed?

    This sux! and i finished work super late again today so couldnt actually go see anyone :mad:

    Cheers guys :)
  18. I think He'll change his tune as soon as he sees the quote.
    He'll go with his insurance as in all reality he loses 2 maybe 3 ratings only.
  19. If you take it to a shop and they decide to fix it (they will be wary) and he dont pay they will keep your bike until he does.

    Dont trust anything, in these situations a lot of people are all "yeah mate no worries i'll pay for the lot" and end up getting unemplyed or too hard to get a hold of etc etc

    I would still get a police report. Did some one say 5k worth of damage?
  20. hey Mik,

    i believe they are required to fix/replace the parts so they are of the same standard as when the accident occured. So obviously if they choose to then they might be able to refuse to pay for brand new parts. On the other hand, insurance company will often put new parts on.

    Def do up a propper written agreement and get your old man or a work mate to check over it and get him to sign it. it doesnt have to be complicated, just make sure it acknowledges he was at fault and he accepts to pay the full cost of fixing the bike with YOUR prefered repairer. Alternatively make it so that he just agrees to pay you the cash in the amount of the quote, then you can deal with the repairer at your pace.

    you should also include in the letter something along the lines of "this payment represents full and final settlement of the incident." This will encourage him to sign it casuse it shows him you arent going to try and get more off him later.

    good luck mate.