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So someone asked me where I've been lately. I've been doing this:

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Clicky - Doonks' World

  2. Wow...looks like you have been busy!

    That is some excellent brickwork I must say.

    Question...why not use a slab? Any chance of it sinking requiring leveling?
  3. Slope back to front had about a 1.5m fall. I also wanted to utilize under house space, possibly put in a small wine cellar in later. It's over engineered to buggery, not because of a subsidence risk, but because I wanted it solid as and as is in 20y from now. It's on 2200mm strip footings.
  4. Wow
    Very impressed very very.
  5. Latest update available in the OP link
  6. just for the people who don't want to click on the link above

    this is what hes been doing

  7. 2 of those actually!
  8. How dare you have a life outside Netrider!! I swear I saw some sort of rule about that in the terms and conditions...

    Looks awesome matie!! (y)
  9. Cheers bud