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So Sick Of F*ckwits Throwing Stuff At me!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by josh_182, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    only been riding for bout 5 months now, but damn am I sick of pathetic little idiots who throw stuff at motorcycle riders, well I suppose it is motorbike riders because there were cars around and I got singled out. First time was a 15 year old kid at a bus stop, pulled over n blasted him, got abused by a few older people for going off at a kid :| He then took my rego number n said I better look out cause the cops r coming for me?? Lol " sir u've been yelling at kids that throw rocks at u while riding, please come with us". The other I was going under an over pass n saw the pricks do it, I ducked my head and din't get hit, but it is frightening not knowing what is coming at u, really wishing I did a U bolt and smacked thier faces in ( looked a bit older than the 15 yr old ). Well aorry to waste ur life guys, just having my winge :) C ya's :)
  2. I would have! :evil:
  3. I hate seeing people on overpasses that are "watching" the traffic.
  4. ive had something thrown at me while going under the overpass at narre warren (melbourne), hit my helmet at 100kph... I would hate to think what it would have done without a helmet on :(

    It always makes me nervous seeing people on bridges etc
  5. With my old job i use to leave work at bout 10pm and was an hr ride home. had to go past plenty of pubs on the way and yeh..... the drunks, they stumble around and walk on the road, fine, thats 2 b expected :?

    But one nite on way home these 3 drunks were on footpath and just as i was going by 1 of them threw a rope at me! :shock: and he was still holding on to 1 end of it! rocks, sticks, cans..... ok they can hurt and caus damage and possibly more but if that rope had found me it wuld hav prob ripped me off the bike or got stuck in the wheels! i hate to imagine..... :shock:

    Luckily the drunk bastard was too trashed to actually get me and i dont think he made a serious effort at it (more of a joke) but faaark! :evil:
    Theres sum serious assholes out there.....

    Was hoping it was just a once off, but now with this thread.... Is this yet anotha thing to expect from the public just for being a biker????
  6. I would not say just because you are biker, or rider or whatever, I would say more an easy target. Car's dont really give a crap, more about their paint job than the saftey issues it raises.
  7. you need to get on to our very own Ktulu, and see if he can hook you up with some form of tankmount small arms/child deterrent or similar.
    he is our resident Specialty Motorcycle Accessamories developer :grin:
  8. its not a act against bike riders, if you watch the news, its a problem that is occuring more and more, look at the problem the sydney bus drivers are facing these days. they have actually cancelled routes because of the problem, biggest problem is, these kids aren't being held responsible for their actions, and won't be until it kills someone
  9. Something I have been getting a bit lately is people ashing smokes out their car windows when I am sitting right behind them and/or as I filter past. Sure the odds are low that any would go in my eyes but...

    Dunno, it pisses me off a tad.
  10. What the hell, Joel?
    You think I don't have anything better to do at 12:50am on Monday morning before work than write up a new product in the KSMA thread for this guy???

    Well screw you, pal... I'm going to bed...

  11. i had a water balloon thrown my way as i passed some kids who so looked guilty of something..

    it missed me but i did a u-turn and blasted the little fcuks!

    finally they admitted to it.

    interesting to note that a family member of one of the little runts had an mc parked in the carport.
  12. i've had a coffee cup thrown at me... but the kids mum saw him and gave him a good blasting for me :LOL: saved me having to stop

    Also had a peach stone come and hit me in the visor, no idea where it came from :mad:
  13. Little turds, I would've struggled to keep my temper!
  14. how on earth did you know it was a peach stone if you were wippin along? must have stopped to inspect it eh?
  15. hahahaha no, the bloody peach juice was smeared all over my bloody helmet!
  16. You get that all the time... dodging still alight discarded cigarette butts used to be a twice daily event at least when I commuted in Tassie.

    I've followed the pricks till they stop, ride up and park the bike so they can't open their door and given them a decent earful. 9 times out of 10 they didn't even know anyone was behind them, so they give the old "didn't see you mate". Which triggered a real tirade of abuse based on "why the fark do you have mirrors, eyes and a swiveling neck joint for"

  17. There have been a number of people killed by d!ckheads throwing rocks and bricks from bridges and so on. I remember one not all that long ago where a guy on the freeway was driving along minding his own business until a rock was dropped from overhead, which went straight through his windscreen, killing him instantly. I'm always nervous driving or riding under bridges when there are people just hanging out there.

    Yes I've copped a cigarette butt (still lit) tossed from a car window that managed to hit my neck and lodge under the collar of my jacket. :shock: Hurt like hell and just as well there wasn't much traffic around as I had to pull over suddenly to get it out.
  18. Two stories:

    1. I was riding my pushbike home from school back in the day, and saw some kids throw something off an overpass at a postie. The postie just fanged off-road and up this steep embankment, the little shits were stunned and just watched him coming towards them. When he made it up the embankment they bolted, but he caught one of them and roughed him up a bit. I laughed.

    2. I was a passenger in my girlfriend's car, and some little bastards from Kambah High threw a water bomb at us and took off up an alleyway. I thought I smelled turps, so we gave chase. I've lived in that suburb for years, and we went around and got to the other end of the alley just as they were coming out. I launched out of the car and caught the biggest one, turned out they were a bit too small to bash, but I pushed him round a bit and gave him a good scare, lol. There was only water in the baloon, if it had been turps I would've been 'seeing' his parents.
  19. Haha, that made me giggle a bit! I could just imagine being chased by an angry postie!

    I hate being behind someone when Im on the bike, and they decide to wash their windscreen. I don't like getting wet :evil: